About Saint Mary's

Board of Governors

The Saint Mary’s University Board of Governors is responsible for overseeing the conduct, management and control of the University, as well as its property, business and affairs. The Board is responsible for the appointment of the president and represents the interests of the University in conducting its affairs.‌‌

  • Abraham, Jr., Mr. Alan R.
  • Amirault, Mr. Denis
  • Archibald, Mr. Mitchell
  • Bhaskar, Ms. Deeksha
  • Baxter, Mr. Paul
  • Bell, Ms. Barb (Observer)
  • Campbell, Dr. Linda
  • Dickie, Mr. Greg
  • Dobrowolsky, Dr. Alexandra
  • Donnelly, Ms. Mary-Lou
  • Ferguson, Ms. Sarah
  • Fraser, Mr. Philip
  • Freeman, Mr. Lawrence
  • Gloade, Chief Bob
  • Halef, Dr. Besim
  • Henderson, Ms. Karen
  • Hulan, Dr. Renée
  • Liu, Ms. Jennifer
  • Kochetova, Dr. Natalia
  • Lordon, Mr. Michael
  • MacNeil, Mr. Jamie
  • Mancini, The Most Reverend Anthony, (Visitor)
  • Metlege, Mr. Joseph
  • Nasrallah, Mr. Ossama
  • Norton, Mr. Scott (Vice-Chair)
  • Oldfield, Ms. Karen (Chair)
  • Ross, Ms. Karen
  • Roy, Ms. Jane
  • Rudisuela, Mr. Dan
  • Sobey, Dr. Paul (Chancellor)
  • Stanivukovic, Dr. Goran
  • Summerby-Murray, Dr. Robert, (President, and Vice-Chancellor)
  • Van Proosdij, Dr. Danika


Board Committees

 At Saint Mary's University, members of the Board of Governors and its various committees are protected by liability insurance and indemnification as outlined in the memo Risk Management for Board and Committee Members.