Faculty and Staff



Full-time Faculty



Cathy Conrad 
Bachelor of Environmental Studies Coordinator

PhD (Wilfrid Laurier, 1999)  

  • Perceptions of climate change and environmental change

  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Irregular migration

  • Climate change and migration
  • Water security

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Academia web-site

Atlantic Water Network

Email: cconrad@smu.ca

Office: Burke 204B


Philip Giles 
Geography Honours Coordinator

PhD (Calgary, 1996) 

  • Morphology of alluvial fans

  • Morphometric analysis of digital elevation models

  • Analysis of remotely-sensed images for geomorphological interpretation

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Email: philip.giles@smu.ca
Office: Burke 100


Jason Grek Martin
Associate Professor and Chair of Geography and Environmental Studies

PhD (Queen's, 2009)

  • Historical and cultural geographies of tourism in Nova Scotia and beyond

  • Nature, place, and meaning in Halifax parks

  • Survey science and statecraft in the 19th-century Canadian West

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Email: jason.grekmartin@smu.ca
Office: Burke 107


Min-Jung Kwak faculty photo

Min-Jung Kwak
Associate Professor

PhD (University of BC)                      

  • Globalization and transnational migration
  • International education industry
  • Immigrant entrepreneurship
  • Immigrant health care services

Email: min-jung.kwak@smu.ca

Office: Burke 101


Mat Novak profile pic 

Mathew Novak
Associate Professor
Geography Graduate Coordinator 

PhD (Western Ontario, 2010)

  • Urban planning & development

  • Retail geography

  • The built environment/urban morphology


Email: m.novak@smu.ca
Office: Burke 200F

On Sabbatical: September 1, 2021 - August 31, 2022


Cristian Suteanu faculty photo

A. Cristian Suteanu 

PhD (Bucharest, 1997) 

  • Environmental system analysis and modeling: climate variability, natural hazards, renewable energy

  • Information processes in environmental systems 

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Email: cristian.suteanu@smu.ca
Office: Burke 106


On Sabbatical: July 1, 2021 - December 31, 2021


Danika van Proosdij
Professor of Geography and Environmental Studies

PhD (University of Guelph, 2001) 

  • Coastal climate change vulnerability assessment and adaptation

  • Coastal geomorphology and morphodynamics

  • Ecosystem based restoration

  • Saltmarsh biophysical processes

  • Geomatics and UAVs


Email: dvanproo@smu.ca

Office: Burke 108


Adjunct Faculty

Thomas Bouman

Thomas Bouman
PhD (Göttingen)                       

  • Sustainable agriculture: soil organic matter and nutrients in perennial pasture

  • Sustainable forestry: tree diversity in forests; advance regeneration of tree species; willow short rotation coppice; soil acidification, soil amelioration

  • Participatory development of agriculture and forestry 

Email: thomas_bouman@cbu.ca


Peter Bush profile image 

Peter Bush
PhD (Western Ontario)               

  • Landscape ecology
  • Old-growth forests
  • Geomatics
  • Protected areas

Email: petergbush@yahoo.ca


Mike Fox Profile image 

Michael Fox
PhD (McGill)

  • University-Community relations
  • Transportation issues
  • Geographic education
  • Community-based planning 

Email: mfox@mta.ca


  Ryan Gibson
PhD (Memorial)
  • Economic geography
  • Rural and regional development
  • Philanthropy
  • Governance

Personal Website

Rural and Regional Development Lab

Email: ryan.gibson@uoguelph.ca


Karen Harper Profile image

Karen Harper
PhD (University of Alberta, 1999)

  • Plant biogeography
  • Landscape ecology
  • Forest edges, fragmentation and conservation
  • Spatial pattern and structural diversity of plant communities 


Email: karen.harper@smu.ca
Office: S 303



Gavin Manson
PhD (University of Guelph) 

  • Marine environmental geoscience   

Email: gavin.manson@canada.ca 





Khan Rahaman
PhD (University of Tokyo and University of Calgary)

  • Climate change modeling, impacts, and vulnerability assessment
  • Application of GIS and Remote Sensing in local warming modeling, disaster impacts and management
  • Environmental management, sustainability, and urban health
  • Urban built environment, pedestrianization, and non-motorized transportation planning

 Email: khan.rahaman@smu.ca









HM Tuihedur Rahman
PhD (McGill) 

  • Climate vulnerability and adaptation
  • Sustainable natural resource management
  • Nature-based solutions
  • Sustainable rural development

Email: hm.rahman@mail.mcgill.ca


Amy Siciliano profile Amy Siciliano

PhD (University of Toronto, 2010)

  • Intersection of urban and natural systems
  • Post-war suburbs
  • Social geography
  • Critical cartography 

Email: amy.siciliano@smu.ca
Office: B 313


Part-time Faculty

Office: Burke 313*
Phone: 902.420.5739
Department Office: 902.420.5737
Fax: 902.496.8213

*Unless otherwise noted. When PT faculty are not teaching in an academic term, they do not hold an office on campus. You may reach them via the email links below or contact geography@smu.ca

Trevor Adams

Trevor Adams
PhD (Calgary, 2013)

  • Weather and Climate
  • Natural Hazards
  • Global Perspectives
  • Geography of Canada
  • Urban Geography
  • Biography

Email: trevor.adams@smu.ca

Office: Virtual 


Jillian Bambrick Banks photo 

Jillian Bambrick-Banks
PhD (Louisiana State, 2016)

  • Human-Environment Interaction
  • Climate Change
  • Holocene Sedimentation and Palynology
  • Quaternary Environments

Email: Jill.Banks@smu.ca


Angela Day
PhD Candidate (University of Toronto)
MA (Dalhousie University, 2009)

Email: angelakday@gmail.com 


Adam Fancy Part-time instructor Geography and Environmental Studies The oceans

Adam Fancy
MMS (Memorial, 2012)
Adv. Grad. Dip (MI, 2008)
BA (Memorial, 2006)

Program Officer, Disposal at Sea, Environment and Climate Change Canada 

  • Fisheries
  • Coastal and Ocean Management
  • Environmental Policy/Regulation/Protection
  • GIS
  • Ecosystem-based Approaches to Environmental Management



Student Image Jodi-Ann Francis 

Jodi-Ann Francis
MA (Saint Mary's, 2017)

  • Canadian Immigration
  • Global Perspectives
  • Immigration Policy

Email: jodi-ann.francis-walker@smu.ca



David Hopper
BA (Geography, Saint Mary's, 1985)
MES (Dalhousie, 1998)
TESL (Cert) (Saint Mary's, 2012)

Land/Resource Use and Conservation Planner (retired)
Geodex Environmental Services, President

  • Natural Resource Planning and Management
  • Conservation Planning/Protection
  • Land and waterways reclamation/restoration
  • Environmental Geography
  • British Columbia




Mitchell Kerr
PhD (Laurentian, 2019)
MSc Geology (Saint Mary's University, 2013)

Email: Mitchell.Kerr@smu.ca



Erin Luther
PhD Candidate (York)
MA in Environmental Studies (York, 2007)
BA (summa cum laude) (Bridgewater College, 1997)

Email: erin.luther@smu.ca





Kyle McKenzie
BSc (Honours, Dalhousie, 1991), MA (Waterloo, 1996)

  • Climate change science, impacts, and adaptation 
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental planning and management

Email: kyle.mckenzie@smu.ca


Emma Poirier
MSc (Saint Mary's, 2014)
BSc (Saint Mary's, 2012)

Email: emma.poirier@smu.ca 




Emma Posluns
MSc (Memorial University, 2013)

Email: emma.posluns@gmail.com 



Christopher Ross
BA (Dalhousie, 2018)
Adv. Diploma (College of the North Atlantic, 2016)
Adv. Diploma (British Columbia Institute of Technology, 2016)

Email: christopher.ross@smu.ca 


Lydia Ross

Master of Marine Management (Dalhousie, 2018)
Project Management: Practice & Certification (McGill School for Continuing Studies, 2017)
Bachelor of Arts and Social Sciences (with distinction) (Dalhousie, 2016)
Environmental Management (Edith Cowan, 2014)
Diploma of Photography and Digital Imaging (Prince Edward Island, 2016)

Email: lydia.ross@smu.ca 



Stefanie R. Slaunwhite
B.A. (2014), Atlantic Canada Studies and History, Saint Mary's University
M.A. (2017), Atlantic Canada Studies, Saint Mary's University
Ph.D. Student in History, University of New Brunswick
  • Atlantic Canada
  • Spatial History
  • Race and Space
Teaching: ACST/GEOG 3340: Geography of Nova Scotia


Emily Thomas
MA (University of Prince Edward Island, 2014) 

Email: emily.thomas1@smu.ca 


Robin Willcocks Musselman
Bachelor of Landscape Architecture (Honours, University of Guelph, 1993); Master Environmental Studies (Dalhousie University, 1995); Master Certificate (York University, 2011)

Email: robin.willcocks.musselman@smu.ca 

Department Cartographer & Lab Technician

Greg Baker photo faculty page 

Greg Baker - Research Instrument Technician 

B.A. (Saint Mary's University, 2004)
Dip. Digital Cartography (COGS, 2001)

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Surveying
  • Cartography
  • Photogrammetry

Email: greg.baker@smu.ca
Phone: 902-420-5472
Office: Burke 215


Will Flanagan - Cartographer & Lab Technician

Email: will.flanagan@smu.ca
Phone: 902-420-5742
Office: Burke 200E


Department Secretary



Nicole Luttrell
Email: geography@smu.ca
Office: Burke 109

Retired Faculty


David Gauthier


David Gauthier 

PhD (Waterloo)                                       

  • Ecosystem management
  • Parks and protected areas
  • Resource management

Email: david.gauthier@smu.ca



Dr. Robert J. McCalla 

Robert J. McCalla
Professor Emeritus 
PhD (Hull, 1975)

  • Economic 
  • Transportation 
  • Ports 
  • Shipping



Hugh A. Millward 
Professor Emeritus

PhD (Western Ontario, 1975)

  • Time and location of urban walking activity

  • Land-use issues in urban and peri-urban areas

  • School siting and travel-to-school

SMU-CV Faculty Profile

Email: hugh.millward@smu.ca
Office: Burke 313


Douglas Day 

Douglas Day 
Professor Emeritus 
PhD (Sheffield, 1965)

  • Fisheries 
  • Oceans 
  • Cartography

Brian Robinson
Associate Professor
MA (Alberta, 1967) 

  • Historical-cultural geography
  • Cultural ecology
  • Literary geography
  • Tourism geography