Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

(photo courtesy Danielle Boudreau)

Full-Time Faculty
Part-Time Faculty
Adjunct Faculty
Grad Students
Full-Time Faculty
Name Position Web Site/Email
Roby Austin Associate Professor, Acting Associate Dean of Science — Curriculum Contact
Gregory Christian Assistant Professor Contact
David Clarke Professor Contact 
Ivana Damjanov Tier II Canada Research Chair, Assistant Professor, Graduate Program Coordinator Ivana.Damjanov@smu.ca
Robert Deupree Professor Emeritus  
Luigi Gallo Professor Contact
David Guenther Professor Emeritus Contact
Vincent Henault-Brunet Assistant Professor Contact
Rituparna Kanungo Professor, Undergraduate Program Coordinator Contact
George Mitchell Professor Emeritus Contact
Adam Sarty Dean of Graduate Studies and Research; Associate Vice-President Research adam.sarty@smu.ca
Marcin Sawicki ICA Director, Tier I Canada Research Chair, Professor Contact
Ian Short Department Chair, Professor Contact
Rob Thacker Professor Contact
Shruti Tripathi Professor shruti.tripathi@smu.ca
David Turner Professor Emeritus Contact
Gary Welch Professor Emeritus Contact
Aldona Wiacek Associate Professor; cross-appointment with  Environmental Science (ENVS) Contact


Part-Time Faculty
Name Position Contact
Jodi Asbell-Clarke Part-time Instructor jodi_asbell-clarke@terc.edu
Phil Bennett Part-time instructor Phil.Bennett@smu.ca
Kevin Brown Part-time Instructor Kevin.Brown@smu.ca
Richard Cisek Part-time Instructor Richard.cisek@smu.ca
John Gallant Part-time Instructor jgoahl@gmail.com
Patrick Kelly Part-time Instructor patrick.kelly@dal.ca
Shahideh Kiehbadroudinezhad Part-time Instructor shahideh.kiehbadroudinezhad@smu.ca 
Doug Pitcairn Part-time Instructor douglas.pitcairn@smu.ca
Cameron Reed Part-time Instructor Cameron.Reed@smu.ca
Laura Stiles-Clarke Part-time Instructor stiles-clarke@smu.ca



Adjunct Faculty
Name Position Contact
Friedhelm Ames Adjunct Professor ames@triumf.ca
Phil Bennett Adjunct Professor Phil.Bennett@smu.ca
Ruohong Li    Adjunct Professor ruohong@triumf.ca


Name Position Contact
Dr. Vince Estrada-Carpenter Studies of galaxy formation and evolution  vicente.estrada-carpenter@smu.ca
Dr. Adam Gonzalez Studies X-ray emission from active galactic nuclei adam.gonzalez@smu.ca
Dr. Johnson Liang Experimental nuclear physics - rare isotope studies with radioactive ion beams jliang@triumf.ca
Dr. Nick Martis Studies of galaxy formation and evolution  nick.martis@smu.ca
Dr. Gael Noirot Studies of galaxy formation and evolution  Gael.noirot@smu.ca
Dr. Pratap Roy  Experimental nuclear physics - rare isotope studies with radioactive ion beams prataproy@gmail.com
Dr. Johannes Zabl Studies of galaxy formation and evolution   Johannes.Zabl@smu.ca 


Name Position Contact
Shannon Rhode Secretary - Astronomy/Physics s.rhode@smu.ca
Tiffany Fields Astronomy Technician tiffany.fields@smu.ca
Michael Dunlavy Science Technician - Physics michael.dunlavy@smu.ca
Stephen Condran Research Computing Support Expert stephen.condran@gmail.com
Dr. Sergiy Khan ACENET Computational Research Consultant sergiy.khan@ace-net.ca
Phil Romkey ACENET Systems Administrator phil.romkey@ace-net.ca


Graduate Students
Name Position Contact
Akshay Ghosh M.Sc. candidate  
Amanda Edwin Crystal Ph.D. candidate  
Angelo George Ph.D. candidate angelo.george@smu.ca
Devin Williams M.Sc. candidate  
Fraser Smith M.Sc. candidate  
George Ridgeway M.Sc. candidate  
Gurmukh Singh  Ph.D. candidate  
Hunter Fryman-Sinkhorn M.Sc. candidate  
Kamalpreet Kaur M.Sc. candidate  
Lingjian (Lejay) Chen Ph.D. candidate lingjian.chen@smu.ca
Maigan Devries  M.Sc. candidate oworkman@ap.smu.ca
Margaret Buhariwalla Ph.D. candidate  
Martin Hellmich M.Sc. candidate  
Mathieu Cavenaile Ph.D. candidate mathieu.cavenaile@smu.ca
Mukhwinder Singh Ph.D. candidate mukhwinder.singh@smu.ca
Nandhu Sridhar  M.Sc. candidate  
Nikhil Nikhil  Ph.D. candidate  
Nolan Dickson M.Sc. candidate  
Divyang Prajapati Ph.D. candidate  
Pranav Subramaniyam Ph.D. candidate pranav.subramaniyam@smu.ca


(photo courtesy Danielle Boudreau)

                  Astronomy & Applied Science graduate students 2019-2020:

                  Back row: A. George, P. Mungara, D. Blue, O. Workman, M. Hellmich

                  Front row: P. Jassal, A. Gonzalez, L. Chen, M. Buhariwalla, K. Kaur,

                  Missing: M. Cavenaile, M. Singh, P. Subramaniyam