Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

(Photo courtesy Danielle Boudreau)

Full-Time Faculty
Part-Time Faculty
Adjunct Faculty
Grad Students
Full-Time Faculty
Name Position Web Site/Email
Roby Austin Associate Professor, Acting Associate Dean of Science — Curriculum  
Malcolm Butler Professor (beginning 1 July 2023) Contact
Gregory Christian Assistant Professor Contact
David Clarke Professor Contact 
Ivana Damjanov Tier II Canada Research Chair, Assistant Professor Contact
Robert Deupree Professor Emeritus  
Luigi Gallo Professor, Undergraduate and Graduate Program Coordinator Contact
David Guenther Professor Emeritus Contact
Vincent Henault-Brunet Assistant Professor Contact
Rituparna Kanungo Department Chair, Professor Contact
George Mitchell Professor Emeritus  
Adam Sarty Dean of Graduate Studies and Research; Associate Vice-President Research Contact
Marcin Sawicki ICA Director, Tier I Canada Research Chair, Professor Contact
Ian Short Professor Contact
Rob Thacker Professor Contact
David Turner Professor Emeritus Contact
Gary Welch Professor Emeritus  
Aldona Wiacek Associate Professor; cross-appointment with  Environmental Science (ENVS) Contact


Part-Time Faculty
Name Position Contact
Jodi Asbell-Clarke Part-time Instructor Contact
Kevin Brown Part-time Instructor Contact
Richard Cisek Part-time Instructor Contact
John Gallant Part-time Instructor Contact
Patrick Kelly Part-time Instructor Contact
Shahideh Kiehbadroudinezhad Part-time Instructor Contact
Doug Pitcairn Part-time Instructor Contact
Cameron Reed Part-time Instructor Contact
Laura Stiles-Clarke Part-time Instructor Contact
Shruti Tripathi Part-time Instructor  



Adjunct Faculty
Name Position Contact
Friedhelm Ames Adjunct Professor Contact
Phil Bennett Adjunct Professor Contact
Ruohong Li    Adjunct Professor Contact


Name Position Contact
Dr. Adam Gonzalez Studies X-ray emission from active galactic nuclei Contact
Dr. Gael Noirot Studies of galaxy formation and evolution  Contact
Dr. Guillaume Desprez Studies of galaxy formation and evolution Contact
Dr. Johannes Zabl Studies of galaxy formation and evolution   Contact
Dr. Johnson Liang Experimental nuclear physics - rare isotope studies with radioactive ion beams Contact
Dr. Nick Martis Studies of galaxy formation and evolution  Contact
Dr. Vince Estrada-Carpenter Studies of galaxy formation and evolution  Contact
Dr. Pratap Roy  Experimental nuclear physics - rare isotope studies with radioactive ion beams Contact


Name Position Contact
Shannon Rhode Department Assistant - Astronomy/Physics Contact
Tiffany Fields Astronomy Technician Contact
Michael Dunlavy Science Technician - Physics Contact
Dr. Sergiy Khan ACENET Computational Research Consultant Contact
Phil Romkey ACENET Systems Administrator Contact


Graduate Students
Name Position Contact
Akshay Ghosh M.Sc. candidate  
Amanda Edwin Crystal Ph.D. candidate  
Angelo George Ph.D. candidate Contact
Devin Williams M.Sc. candidate  
Divyang Prajapati Ph.D. candidate  
Fraser Smith M.Sc. candidate  
George Ridgeway M.Sc. candidate  
Gurmukh Singh  Ph.D. candidate  
Hunter Fryman-Sinkhorn M.Sc. candidate  
Kamalpreet Kaur M.Sc. candidate  
Lingjian (Lejay) Chen Ph.D. candidate Contact
Maigan Devries  M.Sc. candidate  
Margaret Buhariwalla Ph.D. candidate  
Martin Hellmich M.Sc. candidate  
Mathieu Cavenaile Ph.D. candidate Contact
Mukhwinder Singh Ph.D. candidate Contact
Nandhu Sridhar  M.Sc. candidate  
Nikhil Nikhil  Ph.D. candidate  
Nolan Dickson M.Sc. candidate  
Pranav Subramaniyam Ph.D. candidate Contact
Shannon MacFarland Ph.D. candidate  


(Photo courtesy Danielle Boudreau)

                  Astronomy & Applied Science graduate students 2019-2020:

                  Back row: A. George, P. Mungara, D. Blue, O. Workman, M. Hellmich

                  Front row: P. Jassal, A. Gonzalez, L. Chen, M. Buhariwalla, K. Kaur,

                  Missing: M. Cavenaile, M. Singh, P. Subramaniyam




Department of Astronomy and Physics
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