Courtney Schriver-Richard BA’11

Courtney Shriver-Richard headshot in front of a plain pink background.

June 2019

Courtney Schriver-Richard BA’11
General Manager, Business Operations, Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Hockey Club

“I’m really excited to go back to Saint Mary’s and be involved with the Hockey Reunion. I think it will be a great event and the perfect way to celebrate the evolution of hockey at the University.”

1. What made you choose to study at Saint Mary’s? What in particular drew you to the Bachelor of Arts program?

There were a number of reasons why I decided on Saint Mary’s. One thing that drew me, was the small town feel of the University. It’s in a city, but has a unique university environment. And it was just the right size for me; not huge, but big enough. Also, the Bachelor of Arts program came highly recommended to me from a hockey coach. On a campus visit there, I met fellow student athletes and it really felt like a community to me. It was the right program, the right place, and the right fit.

2. What was your experience like at SMU?

I had a very positive experience at Saint Mary’s. I was there for five years in total, from 2004-08 and then I came back for a fifth year to play hockey. I enjoyed my classes and just stepping on campus felt like being part of a community. Every day, between classes, was an opportunity to stop and converse with fellow students, faculty, and staff. I wish I could go back. I’d be back in an instant!

3. Could you tell us about your current position as General Manager, Business Operations at the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Hockey Club? What factors/experience led you to work there?

In my role as General Manager, I look after all of the elements related to the operations of the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Hockey Club. This includes financials, marketing, sponsorship, community investment and interaction, and in-game experience. I’ve been playing hockey for my entire life - it is my passion. So, the opportunity to couple my profession with my personal love and marry it into one was a perfect fit.

4. What moments in your career are you most proud of/have been the most rewarding so far?

I have been extremely blessed to have been able to work with brands that are dedicated to community investment, like Tim Horton’s. Working for Tim Horton’s and Boston Pizza, which both serve and support the community has made me really proud. The role the community plays in the growth of the region, with the brand rallying around it is amazing. Working with the Cape Breton Screaming Eagles Hockey Club gives me the same feeling, one of community. My role is very rewarding and everyday I’m excited to go to work and make a difference.

5. As an honorary co-chair, along with Bob Warner, for the upcoming Hockey Reunion at Saint Mary’s in the Fall, what are you most excited about/looking forward to?

I’m really excited to go back to Saint Mary’s and be involved with the Hockey Reunion. I think it will be a great event and the perfect way to celebrate the evolution of hockey at the University. I’m looking forward to being able to connect and talk with past and present hockey players. The nostalgic feeling of the reunion is definitely something that drew me to participate; I’m looking forward to reminiscing. Also, I’m really excited for the new arena! I’m thrilled to see the Dauphinee Centre come to fruition first-hand. It’s such a huge benefit to Saint Mary’s, student athletes, and the community.

6. What is your fondest memory of playing hockey at SMU?

The entire holistic experience of being on the team. In particular, the friendships I made, the camaraderie, and the fun. It was five years under one coach, every single day working together. That experience enabled me to develop lasting relationships with my teammates. Friends that are there through thick and thin.

7. Do you feel Saint Mary’s prepared you for your career? How?

My time at SMU definitely prepared me for my career. It taught me how to create balance in my life as I was in school full-time, playing hockey, and working. I also think that the friendships I made prepared me for my professional life. I cross paths with alumni all the time and we share that common bond. In fact, while I worked at Tim Horton’s one of the franchise owners was a SMU alumna. I think that bond really helps with networking. Never hesitate to send a note, shake a hand, and tell them you went to Saint Mary’s.

8. What was the most beneficial thing you learned or experienced while attending Saint Mary’s?

I think the most beneficial thing I learned was how to balance my career while living in the moment and enjoying it. I also experienced the power of community in sports being on the hockey team. Surrounded by all of the Huskies, I felt like I was exactly where I was meant to be. Sports have the power of bringing people together for a shared purpose, a shared passion.

9. Do you stay connected with fellow alumni? Do you have any career building advice to offer alumni?

Yes, I stay in contact with my past teammates and classmates. I think they’re all still my best friends! We stay connected and are life-long friends. As for career advice, networking is huge and building relationships is key. I think it’s amazing that SMU Café was started; it’s a great networking and mentoring opportunity.

10. Looking back at your time at SMU, what makes you nostalgic about your time on campus?

Spending time with my teammates and other athletes in the Tower. Feeling like I was a part of something much larger, part of a community. I miss that and always taking the time to stop, talk, and catch up with teammates and classmates.