Glentine Wattley-Sutton BA’11

Glentine Wattley-Sutton BA’11 majored in Political Science and Criminology with a minor in Philosophy, Pre-Law. After Saint Mary’s, Wattley-Sutton continued her studies at Walden University graduating with her MPA, Policy Analysis in 2022. Wattley-Sutton is currently a Case Manager for the Ministry of Social Development & Gender Affairs in the Government of St. Kitts & Nevis.

"I enjoyed my time in Halifax and at SMU because of the way diversity is celebrated. While living in Halifax, I witnessed my first pride parade and it was the most remarkable and heart-warming experience. I am an advocate for social rights and equity and love to see these values upheld and promoted throughout the city and within its institutions. The parades provided a real-life opportunity for me to be a part of celebrating different communities and various forms of love on such a major and communal scale."