Enterprise Information Technology

Information technology touches all aspects of teaching, learning and research. Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) supports the mission of Saint Mary’s University by connecting faculty, staff and students to the information technology resources they need.

We are here to help - whether you want to connect to the SMU wireless network, activate your computer accounts, set up email, or access any of our other services.  

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Contact the Help Desk by email helpdesk@smu.ca or phone: 902-496-8111

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To learn more and have a chance to win a prize, sign up and complete cyber security training and your name will be entered into a draw for prizes!  Just click on the image above or point your phone camera at the code block on the image, to go to a 15 second training sign up form (only 2 questions!).

Virtual Labs

EIT is working to implement a solution whereby the software applications currently available in our campus labs and classrooms will be made available to staff, faculty and students from any off-campus location. The product that has been chosen to achieve this is Software2’s “Apps Anywhere” product. To learn more about this solution please visit their website.

The goal is to have the following software applications available through a Saint Mary’s App Store in time for the Fall Academic Term. 

  2. Maple
  3. Matlab
  4. Minitab
  5. SAS
  6. Shazam
  7. Stata
  8. QDA Miner
  9. Arc GIS (Geography and Engineering
  10. Solid Works (Engineering)
  11. Rock Works (Geology)

WiFi Upgrade

The campus WiFi system will be upgraded starting in early August 2019. This upgrade will cause little to no interruptions to service. Click here for additional information.



Security Awareness Education

Each month we share information on IT security topics. You can review the topics each month by visiting EIT Security Awareness Education.

For more, follow us on Twitter at: @SMUITSS.



Office 365 is here!

For more information please visit Office 365 project website.


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