Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

  • SMU President, Dr. Summerby-Murray joins students and Faculty of Geography and Environmental Studies in exploring Canada from space.

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Geography is the study of the Earth's surface, and of the spatial distribution and patterns of its physical and human characteristics. Geographers study how nature and culture work to create distinct spaces, places, landscapes, and regions. The subject is of practical importance in such fields as urban and regional planning, industrial location, marketing, resource development, environmental monitoring and management, and geomatics.

Saint Mary's University offers M.A., B.A., B.Sc., B.A. Honours, and B.Sc. Honours degrees in Geography, and B.Sc. and B.Sc. Honours degrees in Combined Geology & Geography. The department also contributes strongly to the B.Sc. major in Environmental Science, and to the Bachelor of Environmental Studies (BES) degree program.

Geography and Environmental Studies is a part of the Saint Mary's University School of the Environment, connecting students, faculty and the community to the hub for environmental education, research and outreach at Saint Mary’s University.

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