Program Requirements

The twenty-four (24) credit hours used to satisfy the requirements for the Certificate in Forensic Sciences are listed below. A minimum GPA of 3.00 must be achieved in the courses used to satisfy these twenty-four credit hours. Students must also complete any prerequisites for these courses.

1. Required courses [eighteen (18) credit hours]

  • FRSC 2200 Basic Sciences for Forensics I
  • FRSC 2201 Basic Sciences for Forensics II
  • FRSC 3300 Application of Forensic Techniques
  • One of (note any MATH prerequisites):

CHEM 1211 General Chemistry II for Physical Sciences
CHEM 1212 General Chemistry II for Life Sciences
CHEM 1213 General Chemistry II for Engineering

  • BIOL 2307 Genetics
  • One of (note any MATH prerequisites):

FRSC 3007 Forensic DNA Typing
BIOL 3419 Molecular Biology

2. Science Electives [six (6) credit hours]

  • Two of (note any prerequisites):

FRSC 3350 Recent Advances in Forensic Sciences
FRSC 3400 Forensic Human Anatomy
FRSC 4002 Wildlife Forensics
FRSC 3800-49 Special Topics in Forensic Sciences
FRSC 3876-99 Directed Studies in Forensic Sciences
ANTH 2282 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology
ANTH 3471 Forensic Skeletal Identification
ANTH 3472 Forensic Skeletal Analysis
ANTH 3473 Forensic Facial Anatomy
BIOL 3002 Entomology
PSYC 3320 Psychology and Law
PSYC 3338 Introduction to Forensic Psychology
PSYC 3349 Drugs and Behaviour
PSYC 4438 Advanced Forensic Psychology
PSYC 4443 Advanced Psychology and Law

Full course descriptions can be found in the Academic Calendar.


Plan your Certificate in Forensic Sciences

The Faculty of Science has developed several tools to help science students enrolled in the Forensic Sciences Certificate understand course prerequisites and select their courses:

  • Academic course prerequisite maps for Forensic Science Certificate students

Academic Advising

Undergraduate program advisors at Saint Mary's Science Advising Centre are available to provide individualized advice. Questions can be emailed either directly to the Science Advisors or through the Forensic Sciences contact.