Academic Calendar

Academic CalendarThe Academic Calendar is the University’s most important publication, and serves many purposes. Much of the information it contains appears elsewhere on this site, but the calendar, updated annually, remains the official home of program and course descriptions and requirements, policies, information on the Board of Governors and Senate, important dates and much more.

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Noteworthy Changes to the 2017-18 Undergraduate Academic Calendar

Several programs have been changed in 2017-18. Students currently in those programs have the option of following either the 2016-17 requirements or the 2017-18 requirements. Consult the 2017-18 Academic Calendar for details. The changes take effect in September 2017 and do not apply to students graduating in 2017.

Affected programs include:

  • Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate in Forensic Sciences (formerly diploma)
  • Criminology major, honours, minor and concentration
  • Sociology major, honours, minor and concentration
  • Psychology major, honours, minor and concentration
  • Bachelor of Science – required grades in major courses

Students with inquires about these changes should meet with their Academic Advising office.

New programs available in 2017 include:

  • Certificate in Health, Wellness and Sport in Society
  • Minor in Indigenous Studies
  • Minor in Culture, Race and Resistance in Literature
  • Minor in Dramatic Literature
  • Minor in English Language