Group A:

ACST 6621 Literary Cultures of Atlantic Canada 
ACST 6622 Material Cultures of Atlantic Canada
ACST 6623 Cultural Studies: Theory and Method

Group B:

ACST 6631 Environmental History of Atlantic Canada 
ACST 6632 Atlantic Canada Ecology and Resources — Contemporary Perspectives
ACST 6633 Reading the Landscapes of Atlantic Canada — Ecological Connection to Place

Group C:

ACST 6301 Community Leadership in Atlantic Canada
ACST 6641 Atlantic Canada's Economic Development in Context. 
ACST 6642 Politics and Community in Atlantic Canada
ACST 6643 Indigenous Peoples of Atlantic Canada: Contemporary Issues

Group D:

ACST 6501 Public History
ACST 6661 Reappraisals of Atlantic Canada's Past 
ACST 6662 The Atlantic Region, 1720-1870
ACST 6663 The Atlantic Region Since 1870

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How to Apply    

A complete application package for the MA in Atlantic Canada Studies can be downloaded from the website of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.