MA Theses

MA Theses


KEMP, SALINA MARIE (2019), Their rights by law, our rights by Weji-sqalia'tiek : an exploration of the resistance to systemic erasure of Mi’kmaw land rights within Kjipuktuk 

GEORGE, DEBORAH (2019), Dr. Cluny Macpherson: Reflections on the Early Career of a Newfoundland Physician


MacDONALD, Jeremy A. W. (2018), Moving toward citizenship : voluntary disability organizations and the disability rights movement in the Maritimes, 1945-1982 

GIDEON MARCHAND, Erika (2018), What does L’nu tli’suti teach us? : ancestral teachings, knowledges and wisdom in the 21st century 

McKENZIE, Amanda (2018), Creating a living fortress : the development of the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site 

PARKER, Susan Elizabeth Grace (2018), An industrial museum in the heart of tartanism : the creation of the Nova Scotia Museum of Industry 

SUTHERLAND, Heather J. Sorting “Natives” from “Indians” : interrogating historic burials in the Catholic Burying Ground on the Dartmouth Common (1835-1865) 


OBED, Diane (2017), Illiniavugut Nunami: Learning from the Land: Envisioning an Inuit-centered Educational Future

SLAUNWHITE, Stefanie (2017), The intricacies of intergration: the case of Graham Creighton High School

HICKS, Colin John, (2017), Travelling the Road from Halifax to Windsor: Origins & Evolution of a Landscape, from Prehistory to the mid-19th Century 

NICHOLLS, Hanna (2017), “You’ll just have to do something about it” : Re-Reading Female Desire, Sexuality and Agency in Contemporary Atlantic Canadian Literature”

RODGERS, Julia Elizabeth (2017), “Engagement without Authority : An Analysis of Voluntary Planning and Community Health Boards of Nova Scotia in the Neoliberal Era”


MAGEE, Lesley, (2016), ‘Damned if you do, damned if you don’t’: Canadian-born and Immigrant Mothers’ Experiences and Perceptions of Infant Feeding in Contemporary Nova Scotia 


HANRAHAN, Amber, (2015), Atlantic Parlour Culture: Loci of Power  


HUDAK, Magen Lilli, (2014), "Cow Bay's Ocean Playground": the shifting landscape of Silver Sands Beach, 1860s - present

MACDONALD, Carole E., (2014) The legacy of Gordon Sidney Harrington 1909-1925

SEWELL, Raymond Gilbert, (2014), Representing the Confederation Bridge


JOHNSON, Caitlin, (2013), Voices of the North Shore: The Lobster Fishery of Pictou County

SHEARS, Robert H.J., (2013), Examination of a Contested Landscape: Archaeological Prospection on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. 


BROWNLOW, Bridget E. (2012), Secularization, Co-education and Conflict Management at Saint Mary's University: 1967-1970.

HARRIS, Timothy, (2012), Toward a National Championship: Charlottetown Junior Hockey Development 1930-34.

TAYLOR, Aaron, (2012), French Vernacular Architecture in Pre-Deportation Acadia.

TAYLOR, Carolyn, (2012), "United We Stand, Divided We Fall?": Activism Among Aboriginal Women in Nova Scotia, 1970-1985. 


BISHOP-GREENE, Colette M., (2011), Designating Heritage Buildings: An Evaluation of the Designation Criteria for the Halifax Regional Municipality.

GACHIRA, Peter, (2011), A Phenomenological Study of Selected International Student-Athletes at Saint Mary's University.

SIMPSON, Cynthia, (2011), The treatment of Halifax's poor house dead during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

TURNER, Karl, (2011), Silos & Stovepipes: The Rationalization of Higher Education in Nova Scotia during the 1990s.


WOODMAN, JESSICA, (2010), Radical Ambivalence in Atlantic Canadian Literature.


JESSOP, Pat, (2009), C. Anthony Law and 'An Artist's Paradise'.


CAMPBELL, Catherine Jennifer, (2008), Reading the Waves: Fluid Regionalism in Twentieth-Century Maritime Literature.

CORRA, Lisa, (2008), News to Make a Difference: The Environment and The 4th Estate, 1969-1977.

JOBB, Dean, (2008), "Creating Some Noise in the World": Press Freedom and Canada's First Newspaper, the Halifax Gazette, 1752-1761.

JONES, David R., (2008), Frontiers, Oceans and Coastal Cultures: A Preliminary Reconnaissance.

LAPP, Ruth, (2008), A Qualitative Assessment of the Environmental Stewardship Value of Salt Hay Harvesting Practices in Nova Scotia.


ANDERSON, Julielynne Marie, (2007), "Prosecuting vice; etc." Emma Stirling's Work for Children, Youth and Young Women, 1894-95.

CRAWFORD, Jennifer Elizabeth, (2007), Sex Cells: A postmodern feminist analysis of Nova Scotia's sex education curricula, 1970 and 2004.

JEFFERY, Elaine, (2007), After 12,000 Years of Yesterdays - Where Will Debert Be After 12 Years of Tomorrow? The Impact of Mi'kmawey Debert on the Culture, Economy, and Environment of the Mi'kmaq.


FAWSON, F.J., (2006), Local Economies, Local Governance and Community: Defining Community in Nova Scotia.

FITZGERALD, Paul, (2006), This is the News: Donald Marshall, The Supreme Court and Troubles on the Water at Burnt Church.

NUDELL, Zoë, (2006), Colonization Embodied: Diabetes in Sheshatshiu.


BOUTILIER, Alex, (2005), The Citadel on Stage: The Rise and Decline of the Garrison Theatre in Halifax.

SHEARS, Barry, (2005), Highland Minstrel to Tourist Icon: The Changing Role of the Highland Piper in Nova Scotia Society, 1773-1973.

THOMSON, Joyce, (2005), My Heart has a Strange Courage: Challenging the Female Life-Course in Depression-Era Halifax.


GRAHAM, Glenn, (2004), Cape Breton Fiddle Music: The Making and Maintenance of a Tradition.

KHOLKHOEVA, Larissa, (2004), Literary Dialects in Frank Parker Day's Rockbound and Ernest Buckler's The Mountain and the Valley.

KIERANS, Kim, (2004), Endangered Weeklies: A Case Study of Three Maritime Weekly Newspapers.

LUDLOW, Peter, (2004), "Cautious but Willing": Archbishop James Morrison, Fourth Bishop of Antigonish.

MILLER, Kelly, (2004), "The Images of Atlantic Canada Found in Recent Roots/Traditional Music: What is it like 'down there'?"

NEPEAN, Greg, (2004), It's All Glamour...." The Halifax Drag Community: A Study of Identity, Community and Region".

THOMPSON, Peter, (2004), Perceptions of the Environment in Maritime Literature.


BISSON, Brooke, (2003), L'Union Fait la Force: Acadian Music as a Cultural Symbol and Unifying Factor.

COFFIN, Michelle, (2003), United They Stood, Divided They Didn't Fall: Culture and Politics in Mi'kmaq Nova Scotia, 1969-1988.

COLEMAN, Amy, (2003), The Regligious Roots of Female Education in Sydney: A History of the Congregation de Nortre Dame and Holy Angels Convent School, 1885-1911.

FRANCIS, Rosalie, (2003), The Mi'kmaq Nation and the Embodiment of Political Ideologies: Ni'kmaq, Protocol and Treaty Negotiations of the 18th Century.

THOMPSON, Marie, (2003), The Fall and Rise of the Cape Breton Fiddler: 1955-1982.


BULLERWELL, Wendy, (2002), A Critical Examination of ArchWay - Nova Scotia's Database of Archival Descriptions.

HATT, Jennifer, (2002), A Grower-Centred Examination into Definitions of and Impacts on Success in Aquaculture Ventures in Nova Scotia.

MARSHALL, Fiona, (2002), Nova Scotia's Lightkeeping Heritage: An Assessment of the Life and Work of Evelyn Richardson.

ROBICHAUD, Ronald, (2002), Deportation Era Acadian Community Leaders: An Arrested Continuity.

STATES, David, (2002), Presence and Perseverance: Blacks in Hants County, Nova Scotia 1871-1914.


BEATON, Meaghan, (2001), The Canso Causeway: Regionalism, Reconstruction, Representations, and Results.

MOWATT-DENSMORE, Shaunna, (2001), "Sustainable Tourism for Small Towns in the Maritimes."

RICHARDSON, Judith, (2001), Shades of Grey: Shedding Light on Old Struggles and New Oppositions.


BRENNAN, Sarah, (2000), Revisiting the "Proverbial Tin Cup": A Study of Political Resistance of the Mi'kmaq of Nova Scotia 1900-1969.

DODDS, Colin, (2000), The Cost of Crime in Nova Scotia.

MacCULLOCH, Carol, (2000), Institutionalizing Failure: The evolution of the workers' compensation system in Nova Scotia.

NICHOLSON, Andrew, (2000), Dreaming of "the Perfect City": The Halifax Civic Improvement League 1905-1949.


CASSELMAN, Karen, (1999), Lichen Dyes and Dyeing: A Critical Bibliography of the European and North American Literature in a Culturally Marginalized Field.

MacDONALD, Sharon, (1999), Hidden Costs, Hidden Labours: Women in Nova Scotia During Two World Wars.

TOBIN, Anita, (1999), The Effect of Centralization on the Social and Political Systems of the Mainland Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq (Case Studies: Millbrook - 1916 and Indian Brook - 1941).


DAVIES, Barbara, (1998), The Advent of Television: A Study of the Perceptions and Expectations of the First Television Viewers in Metropolitan Halifax in the Early 1950s.

HACHE, Dorothy, (1998), "Seeds, Blossoms and in Bloom": Explorations of Identity and Plurality of Meanings in the Growth of Cultural Tourism and the Aboriginal Heritage Gardens.

HALLET, Megan, (1998), The Davison Family of Wallace and Pictou: A Case Study in Maritime Enterprise.

PETROU, Mike, (1998), Two Pathways to Health: Exploring Potential Relationships Between Traditional Mi'kmaw Medicine and Western Biomedicine.


BERRY, Kimberly, (1997), "She's No Lady": The Experience and Expression of Gender Among Women Taxi Drivers.

DEMBLING, Jonathan, (1997), Joe Jimmy Alec Visits the Gaelic Mod and Escapes Unscathed: The Nova Scotia Gaelic Revivals.

MURPHY, Peter, (1997), Poor "Ignorant Children": "A Great Resource", The Saint John Emigrant Orphan Asylum Admittance Ledger in Context.

MYERS, James, (1997), Hard Ball: The Cape Breton Colliery League 1936-1939.

POWERS, Timothy, (1997), Conscious Choice of Convenience: The Relocation of the Mushua Innu of Davis Inlet, Labrador.

RAFUSE, Nicole, (1997), Decoding the Life Lines of Almira Bell's 1833-1836 Diaries: Barrington, Nova Scotia.

ROSS, Moira, (1997), Dr. Arthur Samuel Kendall, His Life and Times as a Medical Doctor, Politician and Citizen of Cape Breton Island 1861-1944.


FINNIGAN, Mary Frances, (1996) "To Live Somewhere Else": Migration and Cultural Identity in Alistair MacLeod's Fiction.

FISHER, Victor, (1996), Conservation, Recreation, Access, and Elitism: McNabs Island as a Case Study.

GABRIEL, Gerald, (1996), Towards a Community Approach to Tourism Development in Atlantic Canada.

PHELAN, Reg, (1996), Islanders and the Land: A Multi-disciplinary Approach to the Culture of the Land Struggle in Prince Edward Island.

SABLE, Trudy, (1996), Another Look in the Mirror: Research into the Foundations for Developing an Alternative Science Curriculum for Mi'kmaw Children.


HOOD, David, (1995), The Fiscal Legacy of School Reform in Victorian Halifax.

JOHNSTON, Ian, (1995), The Politics of the Link: An Examination of the Fixed Connection in Prince Edward Island.

LOUCKS, Laura, (1995), Coastal Community Based Decision-Making; Values for Sustainable Coastal Zone Management.

MacLEOD, Heather, (1995), Past Nature: Public Accounts of Nova Scotia's Landscape 1600-1900.

McGUIGAN, Peter, (1995), Cardinal James McGuigan: Tormented Prince of the Church.

McNUTT, Mitchell, (1995), The Ties that Bind: Land, Family and Community in Onslow Township 1760-1830.

THEISSEN, Andrew, (1995), G.I. Smith and Economic Development in Nova Scotia.


ARSENEAU, Catherine, (1994), The Origins and Early Development of the Nova Scotia Museum 1868-1940.

PITT, Anthony, (1994), Co-operative Housing: The Social Imperative.

SETTLE, Victor, (1994), Halifax Shipyards 1918-1978: An Historical Perspective.


ALLEN, Gillian, (1993), Laws, Logs and Lumber: A History of Forest Legislation in Nova Scotia.

CARLING, John, (1993), The Entrepreneurial Middle Class in Nova Scotia: An Economic and Social Profile.

CLONEY, Robert, (1993), Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief. . . : Dependency Among the Maliseet and the Impact of the Indian Act.

GOODINE, Carol, (1993), The Origins of the Atlantic School of Theology.

SONG, Zhuoying, (1993), A Study of Three Women Missionaries of the United Church of Canada, from the Maritime Provinces to Sichuan, China, 1933-1952.


CURRAN, David, (1992), Citizen Participation and Public Policy in Rural Development: The Rural Development Association Movement in Newfoundland and Labrador.

GILLIS, Robert, (1992), Scheduled Motorcoach Service in Nova Scotia, 1922-1990: A Study of the Effects of Government Regulation on the Industry.

INGALLS, Sharon, (1992), Distorted Images: Attitudes Towards the MicMac in Nova Scotia, 1788-1900.

JOHNSON, Eleanor, (1992), Mi'kmaq.


KRISTIANSEN, Erik, (1991), Time, Memory and Transformation: Representations of Development in the Nova Scotia Novel.

LATTA, Peter, (1991), A Labour Aristocracy: Skilled Labour in Amherst, Nova Scotia, 1891-1914.

SHARPE, Errol, (1991), From the Past to the Future: Rethinking Rural Society and Social Change.

TWOHIG, Peter, (1991), Health and the Health Care Delivery System: The MicMac in Nova Scotia.

WILLIAMS, Beverley, (1991), Leisure as a Contested Terrain in Late Nineteenth Century Halifax.


WALL, Robert, (1990), The State, Criminal Justice Politics and the Nova Scotia Royal Commission on the Donald Marshall, Jr. Prosecution.


ALEXANDER, Laurie, (1989), An Interdisciplinary Approach to Maritime Women's Diaries: Laura Wood, Victoria Ross, L. M. Montgomery.

BANNISTER, Ralph, (1989), Orthodoxy and the Theory of Fishery Management: The Policy and Practice of Fishery Management Theory Past and Present.

CAPLAN, Ronald, (1989), The Function of Narrative Obituary Verse in Northern Cape Breton, 1894-1902.

MYERS, Sharon, (1989), "I Can Manage My Own Business Affairs": Female Industrial Workers in Halifax at the Turn of the Twentieth Century.


MORLEY, Fred, (1988), Contrasts in Growth and Development: New England Versus Atlantic Canada.

O'NEILL, Brian, (1988), The Myth and Reality of Offshore Oil and Gas Development: A Critical Inquiry into the Political Economy of Hydrocarbon Resource Development in the Offshore Regions of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia.


ARCHIBALD, Timothy, (1987), A Question of Staying or Leaving: Rural Decline in Guysborough County, 1881-1931.

BURROWS, Ken, (1987), The Aero Tech Park as a Model for Industrial Development from an Environmental Perspective.

SMITH, Michael, (1987), Female Reformers in Victorian Nova Scotia: Architects of a New Womanhood.

WINSOR, Fred, (1987), A History of Occupational Health and Safety in Nova Scotia's Offshore Fishery, 1915-1985.

WRIGHT, Mary Ellen, (1987), The Response of Truro's Families to Economic and Social Change: A Nova Scotian Community, 1861-1891.


WHITE, Terrence, (1986), A Central Nova Scotian County and the Landward Pull: The Case of Colchester, 1867-1925.

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