University Governance

Saint Mary’s University operates under a shared governance structure:

The Board of Governors has the overall conduct, management and control of the University, and in particular oversees all administration of the University, including property, revenues, expenditures, and business.

The Senate oversees the academic and research activities of the University, subject to the powers of the Board of Governors.

Through its stewardship role, the Board oversees the conduct of the University’s affairs, ensuring through the President that a qualified and diligent team carries out the day-to-day activities with respect to the University’s financial and other resources, and together with the Senate, fulfills the mission of the University.

For greater clarity, the Board does not duplicate the role of the University’s administration, which is responsible for the day-to-day business of the University and for the implementation of policies adopted by the Board. The governance structure is established in the Saint Mary’s University Act, 1970.