Academic Senate

Saint Mary's University Act - Subject to the powers of the Board, the Senate shall be responsible for the educational policy of the University and, without limiting the generality of the foregoing:

  • May create, maintain and discontinue such faculties, departments, schools or institutes and establish such chairs as it may determine and may fix the duties of those employed therein
  • May recommend to the Board the affiliation or discontinuance of the affiliation of or with other universities
  • May determine courses of study, admission standards, qualifications for diplomas, certificates and degrees, examinations, scholarships and bursaries and may issue university calendars and other official publications
  • Shall be responsible for the library
  • Shall be responsible for student discipline
  • May create such committees as it deems necessary or useful
  • May make regulations governing the matters that are assigned to it by this Section

Location and Contact

Senate Office
Room 026
McNally Main
923 Robie St.

Tel: 902-420-5412


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