Executive Master of Business Administration

The Sobey EMBA Difference

A Transformational Experience

The Sobey Executive MBA program is designed to accelerate your career and take your performance to the next level. You’ll notice a change in your self-confidence as you gain a deeper understanding of the “language of business”, sharpen your critical thinking skills, and discover innovative ways of analyzing situations and solving problems. At the same time, you’ll tap into a valuable network of new contacts that will help you grow in ways you could never have imagined.

A New Approach to Leadership

Our program curriculum provides the latest thinking in leadership techniques and tools, insights into your personal management style, and opportunities to put your learning to the test. Others will soon notice a difference in your leadership abilities.

Integrated Cross-functional Thinking

Management decisions are rarely one-dimensional - they often have impact across the entire organization. With a Sobey EMBA, you’ll gain a holistic appreciation of how organizations work in their entirety and how the functions of business intersect with one another. As a result, you’ll make more thoughtful decisions that have a greater chance of success in implementation.

When it comes to managing organizations in the global marketplace, cultural knowledge can make all the difference between success and failure. The Sobey EMBA is designed to increase your cross-cultural sensitivities through a 10 - 12 day international immersion experience. You’ll gain firsthand knowledge of how business is conducted abroad and foster an appreciation for cultural nuances in the international marketplace.

A Network for Life

At a time when professional networks expand rapidly with a click of a mouse, there is no substitute for the close connections that are formed when a group of peers embark on a challenging and rewarding experience together in real-time. The Sobey EMBA Alumni Association provides a singular opportunity to establish deep and lasting bonds with accomplished leaders outside your company and industry. You’ll gain different perspectives that will spark new ways of thinking as well as a legacy of support and professional development that goes well beyond the program.

Stronger Sense of Self-confidence

The Sobey EMBA is designed to take you out of your “comfort zone” in a collaborative and supportive environment. Drawing from the practice of analyzing and dissecting live case studies, you’ll be challenged to think on your feet and make complex decisions with limited information. You will be able to apply new skills to your career immediately and solve business challenges in ways you never have before. By stimulating new ideas and fresh approaches, you will gain confidence in your own abilities and learn how to be comfortable with uncertainty in a constantly changing business environment.