Executive Master of Business Administration

Program Overview

Why an Executive MBA Program?

From the moment you enter the Sobey School of Business Executive MBA Program, you’ll build on your current success to transform your career and realize your full potential. One of the many benefits of the Sobey EMBA is that you don’t need to leave the security of full-time employment to advance your career. You’ll strengthen your decision-making skills and sharpen your business acumen while continuing to work in your current position.

Key features

  • The program covers similar material to that of the traditional MBA, and awards the same degree. However, in the Executive MBA classroom, discussion reflects the fact that each participant is already a seasoned business person in a position of authority. Emphasis is placed on practical applications of management theory.
  • The Sobey EMBA will develop your ability to analyze and rapidly synthesize information from many sources. You will understand the reliability and validity of your information sources, and be able to integrate with your experience and judgement to come to better decisions more often. 
  • Begin by deeply examining the intersections of the functional areas in your organization, then the challenges and strengths of the the local business environment. You will cap off your program with an international trade mission that will help you appreciate your industry and organization in a global context. Download information about the Sobey EMBA Trade Mission.

Program designed for work/life balance

The Sobey EMBA Program has a long-standing reputation for catering to the needs of executives and professionals who must balance studies with the demands of a full and busy life. In 2017, our program was rated #1 in work-life balance by Ivy Exec, and #5 in Canada overall.

Program Structure

To help working students pursue their EMBA at a manageable pace, the program is spread over 18 months and divided into four-semesters. Credit classes are held over a normal academic year September – April, with a short break at Christmas. Each semester consists of four courses of 26 hours each, held on Fridays and Saturdays of alternate weeks. There is no overnight residency required.

With summer a popular time for family holidays, there are no classes between May and August of the two academic years. During this time, students work on an individual Major Research Project, in which participants develop a business plan for their organization or explore a business topic in a research paper or thesis.

Pre-program Workshops

To ease the transition into graduate level studies, the program kicks-off with introductory or "refresher" workshops in leadership, case analysis, research methods, and accounting. These workshops are held in August, just before classes begin.

Trade mission

A key element of our students' second year work is planning and executing a global trade mission, representing companies from across the Atlantic region. Download information about the Sobey EMBA Trade Mission


Marks are based on class assignments, exams, and the Major Research Project (MRP).