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Ana Paula Mercado Farell receives the Retail Prophet Innovation Award, courtesy Doug Stephens, for her performance at the 2017 Retail Concept Competition


Congratulations to the 2017 Retail Concept Competition winners -
Pallav, Parth, Ana, Santiago and Sheeba!


Congratulations to the Retail Live Case Competition winners -
Ryland Hatton, Imee Lorenzo and Aryn Sanojca!

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Retail Innovation, Strategy and Excellence (RISE): Executive Leadership Program, May 7-12, 2017

Designed for high-level executives who want to boost their company's culture of innovation.

Retail demands innovation across the value chain. The best-performing retailers not only incorporate digital technologies and embrace omni-channel, but create a culture of innovation and customer-centricity within their organizations. Retail success depends on great executive leadership. Learn more about our executive retail leadership program and apply here.


Retail Concept Competition 

Here is an opportunity for Business students to launch an original retail business. Winners receive $10,000 and in-kind support to make this a reality. Click here to learn more.

New Product Competition 

Entrants are tasked with creating a new product, over a few months. The Spark Zone will provide support and guidance through the process, which presents the opportunity to learn skills crucial to the creation of value for consumers and the execution of product concepts. The winning team receives a $10,000 prize. Click here to learn more.


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Past Events

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Doug Stephens, CEO of Retail Prophet, is a world-renowned retail futurist. Doug was on campus in spring, 2016 to facilitate a session with the faculty members associated with the David Sobey Centre. The focus was on retail innovation.

Andy Gross, retired CEO of Giant Tiger, a national Canadian retail chain, was a guest of the David Sobey Centre in spring, 2016.  He spoke about leadership and strategy in front of an audience consisting of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and retail executives from different companies.


Dr. David Sobey and Dr. Julie Toskan-Casale with students of the Sobey Business School. The students were successful competitors in one of the David Sobey Centre Live Case Competitions. See more photos in our gallery.

The David Sobey Centre held its first Advisory Council meeting in March, 2016. The Advisory Council consists of retail executives from leading Canadian companies.