Board Members

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Board of Directors

Gord Beal, Chartered Professional Accountants (CPA), Canada

Jaspreet Chahal, Partner at MNP, Canada

Ericka Costa, University of Trento, Italy

Elizabeth Hicks, Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada

Sonja Novkovic, Saint Mary's University, Canada

Karen Miner, Saint Mary's University, Canada

Marc-André Pigeon, Canadian Credit Union Association

Daphne Rixon, Saint Mary's University, Canada; CEARC Executive Director

Russ Wasson, National Rural Electrical Association (NRECA) USA (Chair)

Nicola Young, Saint Mary's University, Canada (Treasurer)

Research Committee

Daphne Rixon

Elizabeth Hicks

Marc-André Pigeon

Nicola Young

Centre of Excellence

Dr. Daphne Rixon, Saint Mary's University - Executive Director

Dr. Fiona Duguid, Saint Mary's University Adjunct Professor, Research Fellow