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Borrow from Other Libraries

Novanet Express Interlibrary Loan

Who can borrow through these services?

Interlibrary Loan service is extended only to currently-registered students, staff and faculty of Saint Mary’s University.  Novanet Express service is also available to off-campus borrowers holding a Novanet-wide borrowing card.

How do I submit a request?

Search for the material in the Novanet catalogue first. Any circulating book or full-text article held at another Novanet library may be ordered directly from the catalogue through the Novanet Express delivery service. You may also borrow books in person from any Novanet library using your SMU ID card. If the item you need is not listed in the Novanet catalogue, click on the Interlibrary Loan link at the top of this page, then choose the appropriate form to request either a book or a journal article. You may also search SMU WorldCat from the Library's homepage and submit your request from there.

How long will it take for the material to arrive?

Items ordered through Novanet Express should arrive within three to five business days. Notifications are sent by email to the address in your library record. Check your email frequently and be sure to look for messages that may have been put into a junk or spam folder.

Since books ordered through Interlibrary Loan are shipped greater distances by mail, allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.  Copies of journal articles ordered through Interlibrary Loan often arrive within just a few days and can usually be delivered to you directly by email. Materials ordered from outside of Canada may take longer. In any case, although we will try to meet your deadlines, Document Delivery is not able to guarantee delivery.

How much does it cost?

Our Document Delivery services are free to you. In exceptional cases, there could be a charge for extraordinary delivery of material through Interlibrary Loan, but only if you have agreed to the cost in advance.

Where can I pick up material that has arrived for me?

You will be contacted by email once a document delivery item arrives. Materials can be picked up at the Circulation Desk on the main floor. Whenever possible, copies of journal articles will be sent directly to your email address.

Questions or comments? Please feel free to contact us:

Novanet Express: 902-491-6308 or

Interlibrary Loan: 902-420-5542 or

You may also visit the Document Delivery office on the main floor of the Library or contact the Library’s Information and Research Desk (902-420-5544) after normal office hours.

For Libraries Wishing to Borrow from SMU

CAUL/CBUA Consortium Document Delivery Request Form

How may libraries submit requests?

Libraries wishing to request to borrow books or aricles from Saint Mary's University Patrick Power Library should request them throught the CAUL/CBUA Document Delivery Consortium. Saint Mary's University is a member of this consortium. CAUL/CBUA requests may be submitted using Document Delivery Form link above.

It you have not requested materials from the CAUL/CBUA Document Delivery Consortium before, you may contact us at the phone and email address below, to request a user name and password for your library.