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ACADEMIC APPEALS                                                                                                                                                  

Dr Bidyut Talukdar (ECON/Bus)          

Dr Philip Giles (GEOG/Arts)    

Dr Victor Owen (GEOL/Science)          

Dr. Diane Crocker (CRIM/FGSR – grad appeals only)   

Senate Chairperson (who shall chair)

Ms Blair Jones (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)      

Registrar (or designate)                                                                                                                                    

Secretary of Senate (Sect.)


ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE                                                                                                                                              

Dr Maryam Dilmaghani (ECON/Bus)    

Dr Hong Fan (ACCT/Bus)        

Dr Christine Panasian (FINA/Bus)        

Dr Alexander Soucy (RELS/Arts)         

Dr Don Naulls (POLI/Arts)       

Dr Stella Gaon (POLI/Arts)      

Dr David Bourgeois (PSYC/Science)     

Dr Andrew McRae (GEOL/Science)      

Dr Adam Sarty (ASTR&PHSY/Science)

Mr Kazi Rahman(Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)

Ms Blair Jones (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)      

Ms Deeksha Bhaskar (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)


ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE APPEAL BOARD                                                                                                              

Dr Karen Grandy (COMM/Bus)

Dr Bidyut Talukdar (ECON/Bus)          

Dr Rosana Barbosa (HIST/Arts)

Dr Lyndan Warner (HIST/Arts)

Dr Adam Sarty (PHYS/Science)

Dr Mark Fleming (PSYC/Science)        

Ms Blair Jones(Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)      

Mr Kazi Rahman (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)


ACADEMIC PLANNING                                                                                                                                            

Dr Mark Barr (ENGL/Arts)                   

Dr Ethan Pancer (MKTG/Bus)  

Dr Camilla Holmvall (PSYC/Science)   

Ms Blair Jones(Student rep elected by Senate to Apr/17)

Vice-President, Academic & Research (who shall Chair)                                                                                    

Deans of Faculties (4)                                                                                                                                       

University Librarian                                                                                                                                         

Sr Advisor, Teaching and Learning                                                                                                                               

Director, Continuing Education                                                                                                                        

Secretary of Senate (Sect.)


ACADEMIC REGULATIONS                                                                                                                         

Dr Eric Henry (ANTH/Arts)                 

Dr Kate Kimery (CISY/Bus)

Ms Blair Jones (Student rep in senior year, appt’d by SA to Apr/17)        

Two Faculty Deans

    Dr Steven Smith          

    Dr Margaret MacDonald           

Vice-President, Academic & Research or designate (Dr Dixon) (who shall chair)                                                            


Dean of Graduate Studies & Research (graduate regulations only)                                                                                  

Assistant Registrar, Admissions and Scholarships (for mtgs to discuss admission requirements)                                        

Director, Continuing Education                                                                                                                        

Secretary of Senate (Sect.) 


ANIMAL CARE                                                                                                                                               

Dr Kathy Singfield, (BIOL) (nominated by Dean-Science and appointed by Senate as acting chair)           

Dr Anne Daiziel, (BIOL) (1 faculty from each Department using animals)    

Dr Linda Campbell, (ENVS) (1 faculty from each Department using animals)     

Ms Carmen Cranley, (BIOL) (1 tech from each Dept using animals)  

Dr. Aibing Xia, MSVU (1 rep from each org whose animal care is man’gd under a MOU)        

Dr Jim Gillis (1 Veterinarian)               

Ms Caila Henderson (1 University Animal Care technician)/(ENVS -1 tech from each Dept using animals)                      

Dr Tanya Peckmann, ANTH (1 University non animal user)                   

Mr Andrew Hebda (1 Community Representative)                                 

Ms Michelle Boyden (1 Community Representative)     

Ms Amy Heim (Student Representative – 1 graduate) (appt’d to Apr/17) 

Ms Kiera Chang (Student rep – 1 undergraduate, appt’d by SA to Apr/17)           

1 Research Grants officer – ex officio (Ms Margaret Schenk)                                                                                         

1 Animal Care Coordinator – ex officio (Ms Connie Clarke - acting)      

One (1) chair nominated by the Dean of Science and appointed by Senate. (The chair shall be a full-time faculty member)


CONTINUING EDUCATION                                                                                                                          

Dr Alex Soucy (RELS/Arts)

Dr Leanna Closson (PSYC/Science)

Dr James O'Brien (MGMT/Bus)     

TBA (Part-time student nominated by Director to Apr/17)                                                                                                          

TBA (Part-time student nominated by Director as OPTAMUS rep– Apr/17)                                                                                            

Ms Blair Jones (Full-time student appt’d by SA to Apr/17)          

Dr Katrin Jacob (ML&C/ARTS) (PT faculty member)                                       

Ms Jane Alt (Community representative)                                                                      

Ms Janice Tanner Ernst (Community representative)                                         

Ms Megan Cadue (Community representative)                                                  


Director, Continuing Education (who shall chair)



Dr Hamdi Driss (FINA/Bus)                                                                                                                 

Dr Blake Brown (HIST/Arts)                                                                                                    

Dr Roby Austin (ASTR/PHYS/Science)                                                            

Vice-President Academic & Research or a Dean (ex-officio)                                                                                           

Ms Blair Jones (Student Senator elected by Senate to Apr/17)                                                                 


Director of Continuing Education or alternate (S. Woods)                                               

Secretary of Senate Office (Sect.)



Dr Kai Ylioki (CHEM/Science)                         

Dr Rahman Khokhar (FINA/Bus)                                                          

Dr Myles McCallum (ML&C/Arts)                                                                               

Mr. Homood Alanazi (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                                                                     

University Librarian                                                                                                                                         

Director of Continuing Education or Designate 


LITERACY STRATEGY                                                                                                                                             

University Librarian (who shall chair)                                                                                                               

Director, Writing Centre (ex-officio)                                                                                                                             

Director, Continuing Education (ex-officio)                                                                                                                   

Dr Shelagh Crooks (PHIL/Arts)                                    

TBA (Bus)                                                                                                                                                       

*Dr Nicole Conrad (PSYC/Science)                              

Ms Blair Jones(Full-time student appt’d by SA to Apr/17) 


RESEARCH ETHICS BOARD                                                                                                                                                 

Dr Jim Cameron (PSYC/Science) (11-17)                                                          

Dr Veronica Stinson (PSYC/Science – 13-19)

Dr Jason Ivanoff (PSYC/Science) (16-19) Vice-Chair

Dr Michele Byers (SOCI/Arts) (14-17) 

Dr Rangle Hart (SOCI/Arts) (14-17)

Dr Jamie Livingstone (SOCI/Arts) (15-18)

Dr Scott Edgar (PHIL/Arts) (14-17)                                                  

Dr Augie Westhaver (SOCI/CRIM-Arts - 15-18)                                                

Dr Judy Haiven (MGMT/Bus) (Chair) (16-17)                                                               

Dr Audrey MacNevin (SOCI&CRIM/Arts) (13-19)                                                                    

Ms Nicole Carter (Office REB)(13-19)                                                              

Ms Orshy Torok (Library)(12-18)                                                                                              

Ms Annika Voltan (14-17)         (Up to 3 Graduate student appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                                

Mr Brendan Grue (16-17) (Up to 3 Graduate student appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                              

Mr Keif Godbout-Kinney (16-17) (Up to 3 Graduate student appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                  

External representatives:

    Mr Ben Goodspeed (14-17)                                                                                           

    Ms. Wendy MacGregor (Community 14-17)                                                                              

    Ms. Iva Pauker (Community 16-17)


STUDENT DISCIPLINE                                                                                                                                              

Dr. Madine VanderPlaat (SOCI/Arts)                                                                            

*Dr Veronica Stinson (PSYC/Science)                                                                          

Dr Liqiang Chen (FINA/Bus)                                                                                                                

Ms Blair Jones (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                                                                                          

Mr Ben Gaunce (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)  


STUDENT SUCCESS                                                                                                                                      

Dr Harvey Millar (FINA/Bus)                                                                                                               

Prof Mary Sheppard (CHEM/Science)                                                                                                   

Dr Russell Westhaver (SOCI/Arts)                                                                                                        

Ms. Deeksha Bhaskar (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                                                                    

Mr. Homood Alanazi (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                                                                                 

Vice-President, Academic & Research (who shall Chair)                                                                                    

Associate Vice-President (Enrolment Management) and Registrar                                                                                   

Deans of Faculties - Arts, Business and Science or their senior designates                                                           

Director of Student Services                                                                                                                                                

Director of Continuing Education                                                                                                                                       

University Librarian                                                                                                                                         

Senior Advisor, Teaching and Learning 



Dr Cathy Driscoll (MGMT/Bus)                                                                                   

Dr Aldona Wiacek (ASTR/PHYS/Science)                                                        

Dr Mathew Novak(GEOGArts)                                                  .                                                          

Mr Kazi Rahman (Student Senator, appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                                                                               

Mr Ben Gaunce (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                                                                 

TBA (Representative from the Sustainability Task Force)                                                                                                           

Dr Don Naulls (One Dean or Associate Dean of Faculty)  



Dr Lyndan Warner                                                                                               

Dr Veronica Stinson                                                                                        

Dr Jason Grek Martin                                                                                                   

Mr Bryan Rice (Student Senator elected by Senate to Apr/17)                                                     

Secretary to Senate Office (Sect.)  



Dr Jason Grek Martin (an elected member of Senate who shall chair)                                                      

Dr Gugu Hlongwane (an elected faculty member appointed by Senate)                                                    

Ms Blair Jones (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                                                      

Dr Madine Vanderplaat Parliamentarian, (appointed annually by Senate)                        

Secretary to Senate Office (Sect.)  



Dr Eric Henry

Dr Myles McCallum                                                                            

Dr Madine Vanderplaat

Dr Gugu Hlongwane                                                                        

Dr Nicole Conrad


SENATE EXECUTIVE                                                                                                                                                   

Dr Karen Grandy                                                                                                         

Dr Tatjana Takseva                                                                              

Mr Kazi Rahman (Student Senator elected by Senate to Apr/17)                          

Chair of Senate (who shall chair) (Dr Donald Naulls)                                         

Vice-Chair of Senate (alternate chair) (Dr Tanya Peckmann)                  


Vice-President, Academic and Research                                                                                                            

Deans of Faculties                                                                                                                                            


Secretary of Senate Office (Sect.) 


LEARNING AND TEACHING                                                                                                                   

Dr Alex Soucy (RELS/Arts) 

Dr Valerie Creelman (COMM/Bus)                                                                               

Dr Leanna Closson (PSYC/Science)                                                                  

Dr Diane Crocker (CRIM/FGSR/Arts)                                                                           

Dr Tatjana Takseva (One member of Senate selected by Senate)                                                  

One representative from Library (nom by Univ Librarian) (Dr Heather Sanderson)                                                                      

One representative from Cont Ed (Ms Stefani Woods)                                                                                                    

One part-time faculty member nom by Committee - Dr Howard Donohoe (GEOL)                                  

Up to four additional members recommended to Senate by the Committee                                                           

Dr Claudia De Fuentes (MGMT/Bus)                                                                            

Ms Roxanne Richardson (BIOL/Science)                                                                                   

Dr Maryanne Fisher (PSYC/Science) (Chair)                                                                             

Ms Blair Jones (One full-time student rep - nominated by SA/Committee to Apr. 17                                                          

TBA (One part-time student nominated by OPTAMUS/Committee to Apr. 17)                                                                             

Vice-President Academic and Research (ex-officio)                                                                                                       

Senior Advisor, Teaching and Learning   



Dr Valerie Creelman (COMM/Bus)                                                                                           

*Dr Linda Campbell (ENVS/Science)                                                                            

Dr Evangelia Tastsoglou (SOCI/Arts)                                                                                        

Mr Bryan Rice(Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17                   

Assistant Registrar, Admissions and Scholarships (Jim Dunn) (ex-officio)                                                                       

Financial Aid Counselor (Michelle Fougere) (non-voting and Sect.)  


Ad-hoc Committee

Committee for Academic Plan Implementation                                                                                                  

Dr Kirrily Freeman (HIST/Arts)                                                                                    

Dr Michael Zhang (MGSC/Bus)                                                                                                

Dr Jason Rhinelander (EGNE/Science)                                                                                      

Ms Blair Jones (Student Senator elected by Senate to Apr/17)                                                                                         

Chair of Senate                                                                                                                                                

Vice-President, Academic and Research (Chair)                                                                                                

Deans of Faculties (Arts, Science, Business and Graduate Studies)                                                                                 

Associate Vice-President Enrolment Management and Registrar                                                                         

University Librarian, Marie DeYoung   


Joint Committees                                                                                             

HONORARY DEGREES                                                                                            

Dr Linda Campbell                                                                                                                   

Dr Mark Raymond                                                                                                                               

Mr Kazi Rahman (Student rep appt’d by SA to Apr/17)                                                                                       


Dr Alexander Soucy (Chair, Religious Studies)

Dr Mary Hale (Religious Studies)  


Presidential Committee                                                                                                                                                     

BUDGET (2016-2017 only)                                                                                         

Dr Madine Vanderplaat                                                                                                                       

Dr Mohammad Rahaman                                                                                                                                 

(Appointments are for the current budget period.  Members may be reappointed.)







1. Rohini Bannerjee 14 - 17 (FREN)

1 Hai Wang 14 - 17 CISY

1.  Colleen Barber 14 - 17 BIOL

2.  Sara Malton 14 - 17 ENGL

2.  Najma Sharif 14 - 17 ECON

2.  Corey Pye 14 - 17 CHEM

3.  Rylan Higgins 16 – 19 (ANTH)

3.  Karen Grandy 15-18 MKTG

3.  Porter Scobey 14 – 17 MATH






1.  Myles McCallum 16-18 CLAS

1.  Ellen Farrell 15-17 MGMT

1.  David Bourgeois 15-17 PSYC

2. Rohini Bannerjee 16-18 FREN

2.  Jean Helms Mills 16-18 MGMT

2.  Christa Brosseau 15-17 CHEM

3. Elissa Asp 16-18 LING

3.  Najma Sharif 16-18 ECON

3.  Marcin Sawicki 16-18 ASTR/PHYS






1.  Madine VanderPlaat 15-17 SOCI

1. Terry Wagar 16-18 MGMT

1.  Stavros Konstantinidis 16-18 MATH

2.  Teresa Heffernan 16-18 ENGL

2. Chankon Kim 16-18 MKTG

2. Veronica Stinson 16-18 PSYC






Renee Hulan

Goran Stanivukovic, ENGL

Peter Twohig, ACST

Natalia Kotchetova-Kozloski

Alexandra Dobrowlsky, POLI

Danika van Proosdij, GEOG






Lyndan Warner, HIST

Karen Grandy, COMM

Ian Short, ASTR&PHYS

Myles McCallum, CLAS

Veronica Stinson, PSYC

Jason Grek-Martin, GEOG

Madine VanderPlaat, SOCI/CRIM

Tanya Peckmann, ANTH

Eric Henry, ANTH

Mohammad Rahaman, FINA

Don Naulls, POLI

Linda Campbell, ENVS

Daniel Hall, ENGL

Gugu Hlongwane, ENGL

Tatjana Takseva, ENGL


Staff Observer – Board of Directors



Barb Bell

Sept 1, 2016 – August 31, 2018



Senate Committee on Learning and Teaching

In 2012, the Quality of Teaching Committee (est. 1988) was renamed the Senate Committee on Learning and Teaching to reflect its role in providing leadership in these areas. The Committee supports a range of initiatives through the Studio for Teaching and Learning (Studio), including Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Awards.

2016-17 Senate Committee on Learning and Teaching

Name Department E-mail Address
Esther Enns Vice President, Academic & Research (Acting) vpacademic@smu.ca
Alec Soucy Faculty of Arts alec.soucy@smu.ca
Valerie Creelman Faculty of Commerce valerie.creelman@smu.ca
Leanna Closson Faculty of Science leanna.closson@smu.ca
Diane Crocker Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research diane.crocker@smu.ca
Tatjana Takseva Member of Senate tatjana.takseva@smu.ca
Stefani Woods eLearning stefani.woods@smu.ca
Heather Sanderson Patrick Power Library heather.sanderson@smu.ca
Will Kay Educational Developer, Teaching Support william.kay@smu.ca
Howard Donohoe Part-time Faculty howard.donohoe@smu.ca
Roxanne Richardson Member at Large roxanne.richardson@smu.ca
Claudia De Fuentes Member at Large claudia.defuentes@smu.ca
Blair Jones SMUSA VPAcademic.SMUSA@smu.ca
Todd Smith Studio for Teaching and Learning (non-voting) todd.smith@smu.ca
Maryanne Fisher, Chair Member at Large  mlfisher@smu.ca
Julie Quinn Member at Large julie.quinn@smu.ca
Julia Roddi Part-time Student  

The Senate Committee on Learning and Teaching welcomes expressions of interest from faculty regarding membership on the Committee.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Awards Sub-Committee, 2016-17

Name Department E-mail Address
Valerie Creelman (Chair) Faculty of Commerce valerie.creelman@smu.ca
Howard Donohoe PT Faculty howard.donohoe@smu.ca
Leanna Closson Faculty of Science leanna.closson@smu.ca
Heather Sanderson Library heather.sanderson@smu.ca