Current Courses

WGSS Courses and Electives for 2022-2023

FALL 2022 

Core courses

WGSS 1200.1  Introduction to Women and Gender Studies
Section 1A with Harshita Yalamarty, TR 1-2:15 pm
Section 1B (TBA), MW 1-2:15; both in SB 201; see description

WGSS 4100.1  Trans* Studies (Advanced Studies in WGSS)
Cooper Lee Bombardier, MW 11:30-12:45, L 188
It may seem to some as if the very existence of transgender, nonbinary/gender non-conforming, and intersex (TGNCI) people is a recent phenomenon—but trans people have always existed. We will examine some of the major political, theoretical and aesthetic concerns that have shaped the field of transgender studies, engaging with issues central to the history and experience of TGNCI communities. We’ll read a variety of scholarly, community-based, and creative texts through a wide range of disciplines, such as feminist, disability, critical race studies, history, film studies, medical studies, philosophy and political theory; with an emphasis on trans histories, trans own-voices, trans activism, trans imagination, and trans joy.

We will pay particular attention to the roles that language, representation and form have played in the documentation and expression of trans experience, while attending to the complexities of race, ethnicity, nation, indigeneity, disability and class at the intersection of gender. We will explore the various ways in which TGNCI communities have been and continue to be shaped by both enduring institutional violence and impactful collective resistance. Our course texts will span multiple modes, including early medical theory, grassroots health guides, gender theory, manifestos, music videos, poetry, memoir, novels and film; you will have opportunities to produce work in multiple modes as well. Students will learn to develop careful analyses of the representation of trans and gender-nonconforming people in a cultural context dominated by a binary understanding human sex/gender differentiation.

Fall Electives 
ECON 3363.1  Environmental Economics (TBA) 
ENGL 2827.1  Disability Studies (Seán Kennedy) 
ENGL 3343.1  Cultural Studies (Henghameh Saroukhani), MW 2:30-3:45, McNally East 107 
ENGL 3361.1  African Women’s Writing (Gugu Hlongwane) 
ENGL 3462.1  Post-1945 Black British Writing (Henghameh Saroukhani), MW 11:30-12:45, Burke 218 
ENGL 3791.1  Writing Poetry (Luke Hathaway)*** 
GDST 3840.1  Gender, Race, and Class in the Caribbean (TBA) 
HIST 2250.1  Soccer: A History of Brazil (Rosana Barbosa Nunes) 
HIST 2441.1  Race & Racism in Brazil (Rosana Barbosa Nunes) 
HIST 3000.1  The Discipline of History (Tim Stretton) 
HIST 3471.1  History of Indigenous & Settler Relations (Heather Green) 
PHIL 1246.1  Sex & Sexualities (Todd Calder) 
PHIL 2305.1  Environmental Ethics (Emma McClure) 
PHIL 4555 / 6585.1  Feminist Philosophy (Emma McClure) 
POLI 3826.1  Conflict & Peacebuilding (TBA) 
POLI 4449.1  Public Policy Challenges: Gender, Race, and Class (Alexandra Dobrowolsky) 
POLI 4481.1  Human Rights: Contemporary Paradoxes (TBA) 
SOCI 4210.1  Forced Migration and Refugees (Evie Tastsoglou)
WGSS 4827.1 ST: Transnational Intersectionality (Harshita Yalamarty; see course description)  
*CRIM 3205.1  Restorative Justice Theory (TBA) 
*CRIM 3510.1  Criminal Law (TBA) 
WINTER 2023 

Core courses 

WGSS 1200.2  Introduction to Women and Gender Studies

Section 2A, MW 1-2:15 SB 255
Section 2B, TR 10-11:15 AT 101; both with Harshita Yalamarty; see description 

WGSS 2100.2  Foundations in Sexuality Studies
(TBA), TR 2:30-3:45 pm, LA 276; see course description

WGSS 3100.2  Reproductive Justice and Parenting
(Interdisciplinary Studies in WGSS)
Tatjana Takseva, MW 1-2:15 B 218
Learn about reproductive justice through the ways in which reproductive rights intersect with social, political and economic inequalities, and environmental violence. This seminar course focuses on global discourses on legal rights to access health care services like abortion and birth control, but also the right to sex education, alternative birth options, adequate parental care, and freedom from sexual violence.
Winter Electives 
ECON 3363.2  Environmental Economics (Mark Raymond) 
ECON 3365.2  International Economic Issues (TBA) 
ENGL 2321.2  Writing by Women II (Deborah Kennedy) 
ENGL 3791.2  Literatures of the Black Atlantic (Henghameh Saroukhani), MW 2:30-3:45, MM 335 
ENGL 4477.2  Advanced Poetry Writing (Luke Hathaway)*** 
ENGL 4827.2  Literatures of Migration (Henghameh Saroukhani), MW 11:30-12:45, Loyola 282 
GEOG 2349  Cultural Geography (Jason Grek-Martin) 
HIST 2251.2  Popular Culture in Latin America (Rosana Barbosa Nunes) 
HIST 2382.2  China in Revolution 1800-1940 (Xiaoping Sun), TR 2:30-3:45, Loyola 275 
PHIL 3333.2  Philosophy of Law (Emma McClure) 
POLI 4510.2  Honours Seminar in Political Science (Lyubov Zhyznomirska) a 
SJCS 4432.2  Gender & Law (Val Johnson) 
SOCI 4382.2  Gender & International Migration (Evie Tastsoglou) 
SOCI 4827.2  Social Networks (Augie Westhaver) 
WGSS 4726.2  ST: Transnational Feminism (Harshita Yalamarty; see course description)  
*CRIM 3509.2  Victims & Criminal Justice (TBA) 
*CRIM 3520.2  Understanding Mass Murder (Rachael Collins) 
*CRIM 4327.2  Seminar in Crime & Media (Diane Crocker) 
*CRIM 4404.2  Critical Criminology (TBA) 
*CRIM 4450.2  Sexual Homicide (Jay Healey) 
*CRIM 4542.2  Serial Murder (Rachael Collins) 
*Please note that CRIM electives are only available to students who are registered as Majors or Minors in Criminology. 
**If you are interested in or have taken a course that isn’t listed here and would like to know if it could be counted as an elective for your WGSS Minor, please contact the Program Coordinator (Michele Byers).  
***Creative writing courses require submission of a writing sample and permission of the instructor. If you are interested, please contact the professor(s) as soon as possible. 

a This course will include discussions of feminist theories contributions to international relations, security studies, and military studies (more information will follow in Fall 2022).