Porter Scobey

Dr. Porter Scobey


PhD (Mathematics) (Dalhousie) (1977), IFRICS (Institute for Retraining in Computer Science) (Clarkson U, New York) (1987-1988)


Introductory Problem Solving and Computer Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms,Object-Oriented Programming, Internet Technologies and Web Programming


Statistical Applications of Generalized Matrix Inverses

Profile description:

Dr. Scobey wrote Pascal and C++ lab manuals used in first year courses for many years; started annual High School Programming Competition in 2000; developed an extensive web site for use as a C++ STL reference; received Father William A. Stewart, S. J., Medal for Excellence in Teaching (2004); currently co-authoring a university text on web programming, to be published by Jones and Bartlett (2012)


Mathematics & Computing Science Department
1st Floor, McNally North
Main Office: MN 114