Stavros Konstantinidis

Dr. Stavros Konstantinidis

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BSc (Mathematics, Athens), MSc and PhD (Computer Science, Western)


Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science, Database Systems, Cryptography


Formal language and automaton theory, decidability, complexity, coding theory, DNA computing.

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Stavros Konstantinidis served  for two years as an assistant professor in the department of Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Lethbridge, and then in the summer of 1998 he joined the department of Mathematics and Computing Science at Saint Mary's University (SMU), where he is currently a tenured professor. At SMU he has served as coordinator of graduate students, coordinator of computing science, and chairperson of the department. He is interested in theoretical and mathematical aspects of computing science and has published many scientific articles in leading journals and conferences on theoretical computer science. He has won two best conference paper awards. He has served in the program committees of several international conferences as well as in the national research grant selection committee for Computing and Information sciences (NSERC).

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