History Society

History Society

Mission Statement:

The Saint Mary's History Society is open to all history majors, minors, honours, and any other interested Saint Mary’s students. The intention of the society is to further the student’s appreciation of history as a discipline and to foster and broaden historic knowledge and interests. By hosting a variety of events, it is our goal to help students network with peers, professors and members of the historic Halifax community.

The student-run History Society is always looking for new members. Please email smuhistorysociety@gmail.com for more information on how to get involved or you may contact Lydia Ferguson or Flynn Walthour.

We also invite you to join the SMU History Society on Facebook and Instagram.

History Society


2021-22 Executive

Co-Presidents: Lydia Ferguson and Flynn Walthour

2018-19 Executive

President: Joshua Laska
Vice-President: Isaac Cook
Treasurer: Nick Drane
Communications: Kyle Ford
Secretary: Riley Murphy


Past Events

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History Society Pic 2

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  • McNab's Island Tour
  • Essay Writing Workshop
  • Trivia Nights
  • Career Workshop: What Can You Do With A History Degree?
  • Exam Writing Workshop
  • Pier 21 Museum Visit
  • Maritime Museum of the Atlantic Visit

History Society Executives, 2010-2017


President                                            Crissinda Crant

Vice-President                                    Shawna Fowler

Vice-President                                    Amanda Theriault

Treasurer                                          Cynthia Thibodeau

Secretary                                          Chuck Peng



President                                             Crissinda Crant

Vice-President                                    Stefanie Slaunwhite

Treasurer                                             Krista Walker

Secretary                                             Kyle Massia

Fundraising                                         Shauna Fowler



President                                             Stefanie Slaunwhite

Vice-President                                    Krista Walker

Treasurer                                             Shannon Phenix

Secretary                                             Braeden Joiner



President                                             Shannon Phenix

Vice-President                                    Michael de Moss

Treasurer                                             Michelle Lemieux

Secretary                                             Kelly-Anne MacNeil

Communications                                 Chantal Cote



President                                             Michelle Lemieux

Vice-President                                     Chantal Cote



President                                             Breanna Denton
Vice President                                      Philip Charles

Treasurer                                             Emily Hillman

Secretary                                             Kaitlin Westhaver


President                                             Kirby Ross
Vice President                                      Clara Leahy
Treasurer                                             Philip Charles
Secretary                                             Breanna Denton
Communications                                   Pat Burton


President                                             Kirby Ross
Vice President                                      Paige Weatherbee
Communications Officer                       Nick Drane
Treasurer                                              Josh Laska
Secretary                                              Pat Burton