Graduate Studies Frequently Asked Questions

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What graduate programs are offered at Saint Mary's University?

Where can I get the application forms for the program I am interested in?

When are the ?

Who should I contact if I have questions about filling out the application forms?
Each program has a Program Coordinator who will be able to answer all academic questions related to your application. For example, if you wish to know whether or not your grade point average is acceptable, the Program Coordinator will be able to respond to this inquiry. If however, you wish to check on the status of your application, please contact Heather Taylor, Graduate Studies Officer, at

What are the tuition fees for graduate programs?

What funding is available to graduate students?
Funding for graduate students comes from various sources including Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research (FGSR) Graduate Fellowships, FGSR Graduate Awards, Research Assistantships and Teaching Assistantships.

A limited number of Saint Mary's University Named Scholarships are also available. Funding levels vary. Students should ask the Program Coordinator for more information about these awards and for copies of the appropriate application forms.

The FGSR encourages students to visit the web sites of the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council. These funding agencies offer awards to students planning to pursue Master's and Doctoral level programs.

Can I defer my acceptance into a graduate program?
Acceptance into a graduate program cannot be deferred. Acceptance is valid only for the academic session. An applicant who does not register in this session must reapply for admission. However, the Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research will hold application materials for a period of one year. When you re-apply, you may use the documents previously submitted, but it is wise to provide any new material which may be relevant.

Please note that when re-applying you will be required to provide:

  • the application fee as advertised at the time of re-application;
  • a statement requesting that you be reconsidered for the program in the next intake
  • current contact information including mailing address, telephone number, and email address;
  • an updated copy of your resume to demonstrate what you have done since making your last application

and, you will be subject to any additional/revised or new requirements for admission defined by the program since your last application.

Applicants who must make re-application are advised to keep in regular contact with the appropriate program coordinator for updates to the admission requirements prior to submitting your re-application.

Those wishing to make a re-application are asked to contact Heather Taylor, Graduate Studies Officer, requesting that their supporting documentation be set aside until receiving your re-application materials.

What employment opportunities exist for international students?
There are a variety of on-campus jobs each year and students should check with the Student Employment Centre immediately upon arriving on campus. Staff from this office will guide you through the application process. The Student Employment Centre also provides a variety of other services including resume and cover letter development, alerting students to opportunities and on-campus employment programs, and assist in honing your interview skills. The Centre can even provide you with other labour market information.

After 6 months of full time study, international students are eligible to work off campus while they are studying. After completion of a graduate program, international students are eligible to work up to 3 years on an open work permit. For more information contact the International Centre at or by email at

Where can I go to get information about services for international students?

Where can I find a list of potential supervisors for the Master of Science in Applied Science program?

What financial support is available to students in the Master of Science in Applied Science program?
Candidates who wish to be assured consideration for funding must apply by February 1st. (However, candidates may make application after this date. In the event that scholarship funds are still available, those applying after February 1st would then be considered.) Please note that accepted applicants in the M.Sc. Applied Science program normally receive, at a minimum, $16,000/year of financial support.

What are the deadlines for international students making application to the MBA program?
The deadlines for international applicants are as follows:

  • February 1 for applicants from China (due to the time required to obtain a student visa if you are accepted to the program)
  • April 1 for applicants from USA and other international locations

Please note, only COMPLETE applications will be considered. Applications arriving after the deadline may not be considered.

Where can I go to find out more about the MBA program?

Where can I learn more about residence options and costs?

Where can I go to improve my English language skills?

What are my responsibilities in writing my thesis?