Aldona Wiacek

Aldona Wiacek

Associate Professor
Ph.D., 2006, University of Toronto

Aldona Wiacek

Office: Science Building, S425
Contact: Aldona Wiacek
Phone: 902-491-6481
Fax: 902-496-8213

Research Interests:

  • Atmospheric & Environmental Physics
  • Air pollution & Climate change
  • Aerosol-Cloud Interactions
  • Remote sensing instrumentation & Retrieval algorithms
  • Inverse Theory
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ENVS 1250: Physical Processes in the Environment
ENVS 2300: Environmental Science: Populations & Ecosystems
ENVS 2310: Environmental Science: Energy, Resources & Pollution
ENVS 3360: Climate Change

Current research:

Our understanding of atmospheric chemistry, physics and dynamics is used to drive forecasting models of air quality, weather and climate. But the problems of air quality, weather and climate change are complex and connected, and we are constantly refining our understanding of the details within the big picture.

High-quality data sets of atmospheric composition are crucial for testing model predictions and improving our understanding of atmospheric processes. To this end, the Tropospheric Remote Sensing Laboratory (TRSL) is being established at Saint Mary’s University to characterize atmospheric composition in the “planetary boundary layer” – the air that we breathe!

Enquiries regarding undergraduate, graduate and post-doctoral research positions are always welcome!

Refereed publications:

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