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Welcome to the Department of English Language and Literature at Saint Mary’s University, one of the largest departments on campus.

Our undergraduate program provides an exciting experience of studying literature and language with internationally recognized scholars and dedicated teachers. We offer a wide variety of courses leading to both major and minor concentrations, as well as an honours degree. With over 20 full- and part-time faculty members, our English program covers the range of English literature and language studies, from the medieval period to the present. Learn more about our programs!


News and Events

Dr. Rowland Marshall and 3 winners of 2023 writing prize standing with Dr. Alexander Macleod
Winners of 2023 Poetry and Fiction Prizes Announced
Date & Time: 12:00 PM on Wed, 17 May

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Poster: Department of English Language and Literature. Graduate Farewell Spring 2023
Graduate Farewell
Date & Time: 4:00 PM on Thu, 18 May
Location: The Arts Commons (MM 214)

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Nova Scotia launches new Atlantic Media Preservation Laboratory, Margaret Perry exhibit
Date & Time: 9:00 AM on Tue, 27 September

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