Dates and Deadlines

1 October

Deans of Arts, Business and Science should forward approved submissions to the University Curriculum Committee. Each Dean should set a date for departments to submit proposals such that the Faculty Executive and Faculty Council have sufficient time to review submissions. Graduate submissions require the approval of FGSR.         
FGSR should forward its submissions to the University Curriculum Committee no later than November 1.

Last Friday in November

Final meeting of the University Curriculum Committee for items that will be presented at the December Senate meeting. Issues raised with the Deans and departments must be resolved by this time if the proposals are to be included in the Academic Calendar for the next academic year.

First Friday in December

Departments should submit any editorial changes to the Calendar, other than courses or program requirements. This includes notification of courses to archive or bring back from the archive. Departments should also provide updates to the faculty listing at the end of the Calendar, including additions, deletions, changes in rank or qualifications.

Second Friday in December

University Curriculum Committee presents its report to Senate for approval.

Second Friday in January

Section drafts are sent to the departments for a final check for errors.

End of January

 An electronic version of Academic Calendar is posted on the Saint Mary's University website.


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