Computer Accounts

Computer Accounts and Passwords

There are two different accounts that you will use to access university facilities and services.

Self-Service Banner Account (A#)

Self-Service Banner is a service that allows students to look up and register for courses, access courses and exam schedules, and view transcripts and grades. Employees can use it to access payroll information, job history, and tax forms.

Your Self-Service Banner username is referred to as an A# because every username starts with the letter A and is followed by eight digits (eg. A12345678). In order to access Self-Service Banner, you will require your A# and the Self-Service PIN that you received by mail from the Registrar's Office. Click here if you are missing your Self-Service Banner information.

Internet Native Banner, or INB, is a web-based method of accessing Banner databases. This interface is used by Saint Mary's University administrative staff to perform the tasks for which they are responsible. INB is not used by students. If you need access to INB, please fill out the Banner Account Creation/Modification Form and submit it to Help Desk.

Computer Account (s#)

This account is used to access SMUport, campus computers, and other services. Your computer account username, or s#, starts with the letter S and is followed by seven digits (eg. s1234567). To activate your computer account, use Activate. Activate will require you to create/change the s# password. You need your A# and Self-Service PIN in order to use Activate.

If you need access to additional systems and resources, please fill out the Account Creation Modification Form and submit it to Help Desk.

Changing Passwords

Self-Service Banner passwords can only be changed within Self-Service Banner, by going to the "Personal Information" tab and clicking "Change your PIN." If you have forgotten your Self-Service Banner PIN, click here.

Computer account passwords expire every 90 days. This happens regardless of whether or not your account is being used. In order to change your password, use Activate. This works whether or not the password has expired.