The CN Centre aims to be a 'centre of influence' promoting the health and safety of Canadians. The CN Centre promotes occupational health and safety by undertaking a number of consultancy projects and promoting best practice by presenting research results to relevant audiences. The intervention services that we offer are outlined below.


Safety Cultures Assessment
Measure the attitudes, values and beliefs around safety within your organization.

Safety Leadership Assessment
Focus on how your organization approaches safety from a leadership perspective.

Hazard/Risk Assessment
Learn how to measure/assess and control hazards in your workplace.

Creating Healthy Workplaces/Employee Well-Being

Consultation: Occupational Stress
We will conduct an assessment of occupational stress in your organization, and design an intervention strategy for your workplace. Our services will provide you with tools, information and guidance aimed at reducing occupational stress in your organization, thus reducing organizational costs.

Consultation: Occupational Violence
We will conduct an assessment of occupational violence in your organization, and design an intervention strategy for your workplace.

Consultation: Workplace Health Promotion
We will assess employee attitudes toward health, and assess organizational performance in health promotion. We will provide consultation on how to implement low-cost physical health activities in your workplace. This will help you to create proactive well-being solutions. This can help to lower absenteeism rates, increase employee morale and job productivity.

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Workplace Communication and Conflict Prevention/Resolution

Conflict Mediation and Resolution
We will provide you with consultation regarding strategies for mediating and resolving current conflict in your workplace.

Consultation: Organizational Conflict
For urgent problems involving workplace conflict, bullying, or systemic harassment, we can conduct a broad assessment of the work environment and suggest interventions to alleviate the issues.

Consultation: Research and Evaluation Services
Experienced researchers provide consultation on program evaluation and statistical analysis. We can design and conduct evaluations or address specific research questions or assist your organization in designing and conducting their own studies and evaluation efforts.

For more information contact us at or by phone at 902-491-6253.

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