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Social Impact Measurement project

Dr. Chantal Hervieux, Dr. Margaret McKee, Annika Voltan (PhD student) and Tasha Richards (PhD student)

The development of a comprehensive measure for social impact in order to greater the understanding of the impact of social entrepreneurship and subsequently its aid in resolving societal issues.
Project 1: Applied Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment of the Retail Activities of a Social Enterprise

The present research aims to assess the social impact of the retail activities of a social enterprise: Hope Blooms. This is the test phase (third phase) of the Social Impact Assessment research project (see Figure 1 for a project overview). A better understanding of how their retail activities relate to their social impact is important for social enterprises as they need to justify their relevance to funders and society. While their retail activities can help sustain and provide funding for other activities, some have argued that it can also be source of conflict with the social mission. A more complete understanding of the total social impact would help social enterprises to better structure the services they provide to their members.

Project 2: Applied Impact Assessment

Impact Assessment of a Community-based Initiative

This project aims to assess the impact of initiatives from the Happy Communities project. We have a partnership with Happy Community Project through the Impactlab of the Center for Leadership Excellence. In this project, the intent is to measure through a unique approach engagement and community involvement. Our model begins from the premise that social impact assessment must start by understanding why and how actors come together, and who they consist of. It also looks at both positive and negative impacts as well as negative space.



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Social Innovation in Atlantic Canada

Dr. Claudia De Fuentes and Dr. Chantal Hervieux

Aiding in the development of knowledge, in cross-disciplinary fields in order to facilitate the capacity for social innovation in Atlantic Canada. Through internships, skill development workshops, and research, the goal is to break into the untapped potential of the Atlantic Provinces, becoming more competitive on both a national and international scale.

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Dr. Margaret McKee, Dr. Chantal Hervieux, and Dr. Cathy Driscoll

An ongoing study focusing on the real life effectiveness of PRME (The Principles for Responsible Management Education) through the assessment of reports provided by learning institutions.


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Atlantic Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Dr. Ellen Farrell

Discussion on building ecosystems, managing them, and developing policy to support them.


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