Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Full Time

L. Eastham 
902-491-6447 (MS225
PhD (Toronto), Assistant Professor, Evolutionary anthropology; primate paleobiology; paleoecology; stable isotopes; trace elements; human niche construction; developmental plasticity

J. Fowler 
902-420-5631 (MS226)
DPhil (Oxford), Professor. Archaeology and colonialism; landscape archaeology; material culture and identity; archaeological geophysics; public archaeology.

902-420-5629 (MS227) 
PhD (Cornell), Associate Professor. Linguistic anthropology; China; global languages (English and Chinese); language teaching; modernity and cosmopolitanism.

R. Higgins
Chairperson 902-420-5627 (MS215)
PhD (Arizona), Associate Professor. Socio-cultural anthropology; the anthropology of food labour and marginality; social class, gender and consumerism; visual anthropology; engaged and public anthropology; United States and Viet Nam.

M. MacCarthy
902-420-5059 (MS219)
PhD (Auckland). Assistant Professor. Socio-cultural anthropology; The Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea/Oceania; Anthropology of tourism; gender; economic anthropology; Christianity, witchcraft and sorcery; methods and theory.

T. R. Peckmann 
902-496-8719 (MS217)
PhD (Cape Town, South Africa), Full Professor. Forensic Anthropology; Indigenous peoples of Canada and South Africa; Human skeletal morphometrics.

Cross Appointment

Karen McAllister

(IDST) 902-420-5557 (MS409)
PhD (McGill). Anthropology of Development, Environmental Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Southeast Asia, ethnic minorities, land and resource rights, agriculture, environmental conservation, resistance


S.J. Beanlands
MA (Saint Mary's), Principal and Senior Archaeologist, Boreas Heritage Consulting Inc. Cultural resource management; applied archaeology; public archaeology; material culture research.

H. Cary PhD, CAHP, RPA               

PhD (Royal Military College of Canada), Senior Staff Archaeologist at Wood Environment & Infrastructure. Interests: Historical archaeology/ archaeology of the contemporary era; archaeology field methods; military sites, buildings and landscape archaeology.                                                                                                                 

K. Cottreau-Robins
PhD (Dalhousie), Curator of Archaeology, Nova Scotia Museum, Department of Communities, Culture and Heritage. Historical archaeology; landscape archaeology; African diaspora archaeology; Atlantic World history; urban archaeology; proto-historic/fur trade period archaeology; Maritime region pre-contact archaeology.

J. L. Cormack 
PhD (University of Liverpool), Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Mount Royal University. Archaeology and biological anthropology; prehistory; paleoanthropology; history of race; human osteology; lithics: Jordan; sub-Saharan Africa, China.

D. Grimes-MacLellan
PhD (University of Illinois), Associate Professor, Meiji Gakuin University, Japan.  Sociocultural and cognitive anthropology; practice theory; education; identity; gender; film/media studies; childhood and adolescence; qualitative methodology; Japan; East Asia.

T. Sable
PhD (New Brunswick), Director of the Office of Aboriginal and Northern Research, Saint Mary's University. Cultural anthropology; indigenous science education; circumpolar studies and research; applied research/community development; youth cultures; cultural landscapes; climate change.

Professor Emeritus

S. A. Davis
DPhil (Oxford), Professor. Archaeology of the anonymous; archaeological evaluation of excavations; Canadian prehistory; historical archaeology; world prehistory.

Part Time 

A. Taylor

Aaron Taylor has worked as a professional archaeologist for almost a decade and is the senior archaeologist and president of True North Archaeological Consultants & Associates. He has participated and led excavations on both historical and pre-contact sites. Some of these include excavations at the Grand Pre UNESCO World Heritage site, Beachville Black Refugee site, Gaspereau Lake Pre-contact site, Prescott House Public Archaeology Program, and the Planters’ Barracks Inn Public Archaeology Program, to name a few.  He is also a part-time instructor at Acadia University in the History Department and a part-time faculty member in the Anthropology Department at Saint Mary’s University.

He holds a BA degree from Acadia University, an Honours BA in Anthropology and an MA in Historical Archaeology from Saint Mary’s University. He holds a PhD in the IDPhD program at Dalhousie University. His thesis research examines sea-level rise, drowned landscapes and predicting settlement patterns of pre-contact societies in the Maritime Provinces.

Aaron has traveled extensively throughout Latin America spending a great deal of time in Mexico and Cuba and is fluent in Spanish. He lives with his wife and two daughters on a small hobby farm in the Annapolis Valley.


Wesley Weatherbee
Laboratory Technician, MS 228

Mrs. Nilakshe Jayakody   
Administrative Secretary, 902-420-5628 (MS218)

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