Saintonge Slipware

"Saintonge" Slipware

  • Type: Coarse earthenware
  • Date range: c.1700-1800
  • Place of origin: Southwestern France

This coarse earthenware generally has a white to pinkish body, with a copper-green glaze. This glaze is often described as "apple" green. Red inclusions can often be seen in the fabric.

This ware is often found with a white slip under the glaze on the interior or exterior (or both) of the vessel. Earlier examples often do not have the white slip, and the glaze appears as a darker green.

The common vessel types are mixing bowls, tripod cooking pots, flagons, skillets, mugs, colanders, storage jars and jugs.

This ware is most frequently found on French colonial and Acadian sites rather than English colonial sites, although the ware was widely exported.

See Barton 1977: 48; 1981:10


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