Rockingham Ware

"Rockingham" Type Ware

  • Type: Refined earthenware
  • Date range: c.1850-present
  • Place of origin: England, North America

The bodies of these wares were usually yellow (same as Yellow Ware). The main difference between Yellow Ware and Rockingham ware is that the latter is splattered with a brown manganese glaze applied to a piece already covered with a clear glaze. A mottled, or drip effect results from melting the two glazes together.

Sometimes the pieces were directly dipped into the Rockingham glaze, to give a reddish brown or brown finish.

Rockingham ware was often produced with moulded decorative elements.

See also Yellow Ware

See Gallo 1985: 39


Photo: Rockingham ware sherd, with moulded design

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