Mocha Ware

Mocha Ware

  • Type: Refined earthenware
  • Date range: c.1795-1840
  • Median date: c.1843
  • Place of origin: England, also produced in North America

Mocha refers to a decoration type used on creamware, pearlware and yellow ware.

The technique is characterized by brown fern-like ornaments on annular wares. Although the term "mocha" is often applied to the annular wares, it actually refers to the fern pattern only. The brown fern pattern was produced using a mixture of tobacco juice and urine. Blue is another popular colour for the fern pattern.

See also Yellow Ware.

See Noel Hume 1976: 131, South 1977: 211


Photo: Left - black mocha, Right - brown moch

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