Fulham Stoneware

Fulham Stoneware

  • Type: Fine stoneware
  • Date range: c.1690-1775
  • Median date: 1733
  • Place of origin: England

The body of this stoneware is gray, and characteristically harder than earthenware. This ware often has a mottled brown wash on the upper portion of the vessel and is salt-glazed.

The characteristic form is a tavern tankard or a bottle. Tankards of the pint and quart sizes were stamped with an impressed, crowned WR (William III Rex) to indicate that they were government standards of capacity. That tradition continued until 1792. Occasionally an AR (Anna Regina) or GR (Georgius Rex) were used, as well as the tavern keeper and the date. In the 1760s, the vessels were stamped with printer's type.

See Noel Hume 1976: 113-114, and South 1977: 210


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