Buckley Ware

Buckley Ware

  • Coarse earthenware
  • Date range: c.1720-1775
  • Median date: 1748
  • Place of origin: North Wales (Buckley district)

The body of this earthenware is quite coarse because of the combination of two different types of clay in the process. The ware is made of layers of pink-firing and yellow clays. The combination of the two clays served to make the poor clays more workable. The ware is decorated with a black lead-glaze. The exterior fabric colour on unglazed portions is purplish-red. The body exteriors are often heavily ribbed. When broken, the fabric interior exhibits the characteristic red and yellow layers.

The ware was used most often for creampans, storage jars, and pitchers.

See Noel Hume 1976: 132-133, and South 1977: 211


Photo: Buckley ware storage jar

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