Deferred Final Examination Request 

A Deferred Final Examination (formerly a Special Examination) means that for extraordinary reasons, you are unable to write your final examination/assignment on the original date but are able to write on an alternative date. Students can review Academic Regulation 10 found in the Academic Calendar for more information on Deferred Final Examinations.

This may be a good option for students who: 

  • Want to write their final examination/assignment but do not feel they can prepare in the time due to extenuating circumstances;
  • Are unable to write their final examination/assignment due to a short-term barrier (i.e. serious illness, temporary virtual connection issues, caregiving responsibilities).

How Do I Submit a Deferred Examination Request? 

A student who wishes to have a request considered must submit their request using the form below.  

This request must be accompanied by an explanation of the circumstances which made it impossible for the student to write the regular examination or complete a final assignment. Supporting documentation is typically required for a deferred examination request. 

Students should submit their deferred exam request within seven (7) calendar days of the date of the exam or deadline of a final assignment. Students should understand that submitting a deferred exam request is not automatically approved by submitting this request. Your request will be reviewed, and a decision communicated, within seven business days. 

Students must use their email when submitting the form.