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Online Learning Examinations

person writing examStudents are responsible for knowing the date, time and location for writing each of their formal examinations. To facilitate this, students can access and print off a copy of their own personal formal examination schedule from Banner Self-Service. While this is accurate when viewed/printed, it is subject to revision without any prior notice; hence students are responsible for ensuring they have up-to-date schedules


Students who are registered in an online course and live 100km or more from the campus and need to write a midterm or final exam must make arrangements to have your exams invigilated. It is your responsibility to make these arrangements and to have the proctor form completed. If you are required a proctor for your online course, please complete out the proctor form at the bottom of the page, downloasd the Proctor Form 2019 from this page or contact your course instructor by email.


Arrangements for the Proctoring of an Exam for Saint Mary's University

If you live more than 100km away from the University, you have the option to write your exam(s) on campus or to obtain a proctor.

Note:  Students who are taking Online and on-campus courses in the same term need to be available to write exams “on campus” and are not eligible to write with a proctor. If there are special circumstances that require a proctor, it must be approved by the course instructor.

If the student chooses to obtain a proctor, it is the student’s responsibility to arrange for the proctor who is acceptable to Saint Mary’s University.  This person should be identified in sufficient time for the University to assess the student’s selection. 

Students within Canada:  It is recommended to find a proctor service which is often available through other education institutions.  If you are unable to use this service from an education institution, possible proctors might be identified from the following categories of employment:

  • Lawyer
  • Accountant
  • Minister, Priest, or Rabbi
  • University Professor
  • Doctor or Dentist
  • Director of Human Resources
  • School Principal
  • School Teacher

Students outside of Canada:  Students who are writing exams outside of Canada will require a proctor employed with a post-secondary institution.   If a post-secondary institution is not available, a high school with a suitable invigilator; such as a teacher, will be taken in consideration.

Please Note:  To help avoid the possibility of conflict of interest issues, a proctor cannot be a family member or relative, a classmate, co-worker, immediate supervisor, or a friend.

The student must provide the following information of the proposed proctor to the instructor fo the course or Global Commons Studio for Teaching and Learning, Saint Mary’s University, no later than two weeks prior to writing the exam, and preferably one month prior.

Student Responsibilities

Listed below are guidelines for the students if using a proctor for their exam.

  • Select your proctor for the exam.
  • Let your proctor know the type of exam is to be given. If the exam is computerized, the arrangements need to be confirmed with your instructor before information will be sent to the proctor.
  • Submit the proctor information form to the Studio as soon as possible or a least two weeks prior to your exam date.
  • If you need to switch to a new proctor or/and exams’ dates, you will need to resubmit the proctor form.
  • Check with the proctor before the exam is scheduled to ensure they have all the information required.
  • Pay any fees for the proctoring services.
  • Be aware of the time limits on your exams.
  • If unexpected circumstances occur, contact the instructor or/and Studio for Teaching and Learning as soon as possible.
  • The student cannot write on a different date or time unless the student have special permission from the instructor. If the student is writing a final exam, permission must be granted by the relevant Dean.
  • If you have any questions, contact by email: proctor@smu.ca or 902-420-5491 between 8:30am to 4:00pm (AST) Monday to Friday.

Proctor Responsibilities

Listed below are guidelines to help a proctor to determine if wish to invigilate an proctored exam for a student.

  • Receive the exam and instructions from Studio for Teaching and Learning and keep the exam in a secure place.
  • Confirm with the student in writing the exam arrangements and direction to the testing area if student does not already know.
  • Abide with all the instructions give on the Proctored Exam that will be submitted prior to the exam date.
  • Identify the student with a photo ID.
  • Notify the student what they are allowed to use for the exam (ie. Calculator, reference sheets) as described in the exam instructions. Cell phones, Smartphones, tablets, wrist watches with calculators, devices that can record data, and any other electronic device is not permitted during the exam.
  • Make sure the student is aware of the time limit for the exam.
  • The proctor is to be in the same room while the student is writing their exam and do not answers any questions pertaining the exam.
  • The location for writing the exam should be a secure, quiet and comfortable testing environment for the student.
  • Terminate the exam if the testing procedure is compromised due to improper conduct and notify the Studio for Teaching and Learning right away.
  • The exam is to be written on the day and at the time indicated by the instructor unless special permission is given by the instructor of the course.
  • If unexpected circumstances arise, contact the instructor or/and Studio for Teaching and Learning right away.
  • Once the exam is completed, take a photocopy of the student’s photo ID and enclose it with the completed exam and the Statement of Invigilation.
  • It is the proctor’s responsibility to have the exam returned to Saint Mary’s University as soon as the exam is completed. If there is a delay, please contact Studio for Teaching and Learning with expectation date for delivery of the exam.

Studio for Teaching and Learning Responsibilities

  • Studio for Teaching and Learning contacts the proctor to confirm identity and make arrangements for examination.
  • The for Studio for Teaching and Learning makes arrangements with the proctor for delivery and return of the examination.

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Saint Mary’s will arrange for and pay for the courier delivery of the exam to the student’s proctor. It is the student’s responsibility to pay for the return of the exam to Saint Mary’s University by courier or some other secure delivery mode which has been approved by the University.

The usual exam time frame is three hours. Exams are to be written in a suitably quiet location without access to reference or study materials or electronic devices except as designated by the course instructor.

The proctor will be asked to sign a statement attesting to the terms and conditions of the examination, and to return the exam in a timely manner according to the procedures identified by Saint Mary’s University.