Atlantic Canada Studies

Improve your knowledge of Atlantic Canada with the Certificate in Atlantic Canada Studies and develop a more nuanced understanding of the region. The certificate provides a valuable educational option for international students who wish to follow an intense curriculum that combines a variety of different academic programs into a one-year program of study. By creating a classroom environment where local and international students share their different perspectives on the region, the certificate stimulates a useful exchange of ideas and fully integrates the study of Atlantic Canada into a broader national and global analytical framework.

To fulfill the requirements of the certificate in Atlantic Canada Studies, students must complete 24 credit hours of instruction. Fifteen of those credit hours must come from the courses listed in Group A, while 9 credit hours must be drawn from Group B. By striking this balance between courses that are tightly focused on the study of the region, and supplementary classes designed to provide a broader Canadian context, the certificate provides students with a comprehensive understanding of Atlantic Canada's historical, political, economic and cultural life, as well as the region's natural environment.

View the courses in Groups A and B.

Admission Requirements

The Certificate in Atlantic Canada Studies requires a formal application for admission and the official approval of the undergraduate coordinator for Atlantic Canada Studies. Students applying for admission to the certificate must have completed 30 credit hours of undergraduate study at an accredited university or must show a demonstrated interest in the field. Students majoring in Atlantic Canada Studies at Saint Mary's University are not eligible for this program.

Students admitted to the program must complete at least 18 credit hours at Saint Mary's University. The official approval of the undergraduate coordinator for Atlantic Canada Studies is required for credit hours completed at another institution to be included in the certificate program.

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