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Luncheon plus Annual General Meeting

You are all invited to a luncheon be held Friday, June 23, at 12:30 pm.  The venue is Boondogle Restaurant, Fisherman's Wharf, Eastern Passage.  This a beautiful sea-side location in a quaint fishing village, minutes from Dartmouth in Eastern Passage.  The meal will be followed by our annual general meeting, where the general directions of SMU Retirees' Association are discussed, officers are elected and motions voted on.  Come and make your voice heard, while we feast on the scenery.

  Kindly reply if you can come, to Ron Cosper by Email

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Membership Renewal

If you would like to renew your membership in the Saint Mary’s University Retirees’ Association for 2012, please remit your dues in the amount of $25.00, payable to SMURA, to our Treasurer, Shripad Pendse, c/o SMURA, Saint Mary's University, Halifax, NS, B3H 3C3. Dues are for the calendar year. It would be of considerable help to Shripad if you could include both your mailing address, and your e-mail address, in your mailing to her.


Welcome to the web site of the Saint Mary's University Retirees' Association. We are a relatively new group, formed in 2005, to respond to the needs of those near retirement, or those who have already retired. Membership is open to faculty and other staff at Saint Mary's University. We are affiliated with C.U.R.A.C., the College and University Retirees' Association of Canada, a body representing (directly or though provincial federations) 46 different member associations at institutions of higher education across Canada.

This is a critical time for retirees, both at Saint Mary's and in the larger Canadian context. More and more Canadians are retiring, as the age structure of the population changes. The viability and adequacy of pensions has been a focus of debate and concern. Health care and health insurance are obviously also issues, as we face shortfalls in funding and facilities for care and treatment of illnesses that impact particularly on seniors. Mandatory retirement laws and practices have been challenged in Canada and are under review in most jurisdictions, as an aging and healthier population feels itself able to make a continuing contribution to their communities.

At Saint Mary's these national issues are mirrored in our current discussions. We have held several very successful meetings on post-retirement investment and estate planninng with the help of TD Waterhouse. Since we have not been successful at gaining recognition of our need for health insurance through the Uninversity or the Faculty Union, we have been active in working with CURAC (College and University Retirees' Association of Canada) to obtain national access to a favourably structured health and travel insurance plan, as well as individual travel insurance.  The status of "retiree" at the University is in transition, and it is important that we have an input into future policies. Your association has also had discussions with the University administration over several issues of concern to members. We are generally concerned that the University recognize that retirees have an on-going need for participation in the academic life of the university, and for the kinds of arrangements and support that will facilitate this participation.

We also recognize that an academic community, like other communities, rests on social ties and relationships. The Quarter Century Club at Saint Mary's had played the role of maintaining contact with older faculty and retirees and in having a program of stimulating intellectual and cultural events, and we look forward to encouraging these sorts of activities, as well. Several interesting afternoon sessions have been held on topics as diverse as research opportunities for seniot scholars, walking with pilgrims in Europe, and the joys of hiking. The annual September picnic was held this year at the home of John and Nickie Young in Halifax, which turned out to be a great success.

Most important, though, is your own involvement in the association. This is the only way we can respond to the needs and concerns of faculty and staff at the University, and improve our prospects for retirement.

Ronald Cosper, President, SMURA