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View Tuition and Fees for the Academic Year (September- August).

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2018-2019 Student Fees

Student fees are comprised of:

  • SMUSA (Saint Mary's University Student Association) fees (full-time or part-time)
  • U-Pass (University bus pass)
  • Medical & Dental (read below for opt-out instructions)

Full-time Student Fees- for students taking nine (9) credit hours or more in a term.


Students who register for the Winter term only, will pay one term of student fees:
Full-time ($79.50-SMUSA + $78.50-U-Pass) OR Part-time ($29.50-SMUSA)

Part-time Student Fees
- for students taking less than nine (9) credit hours in a term.


Summer U-Pass

  • If a student is registered in two or more courses for the May-June term they will automatically receive the Summer U-Pass at a cost of $79.00.
  • Students who are taking one or more courses over the May - June and/or July - August terms can opt-in and purchase a U-Pass at the Service Centre for $79.00.
  • U-Passes will be valid from May 1st- August 31st.
  • For questions regarding the Summer U-Pass please contact karla.hodge@smu.ca


2018-2019 Medical & Dental Plans

Medical and Dental plans are administered by the Saint Mary's University Student's Association (SMUSA).

1718 medical dental plans

Medical and Dental Plan Information:

Students with comparable medical and dental coverage may opt out of the University medical and dental plans each year as indicated below:

Canadian Students: Opt out Online through SMUPort

International Students: To opt out of all or part of the health coverage, visit the Health Plan Office (Student Centre, Room 524), sign a waiver and provide proof of coverage.

Opt Out Deadlines: Fall Term - September 25, Winter Term - January 25

Questions? Contact the SMUSA Health Plan Office at healthplan.smusa@smu.ca or 902-496-8754