Campus Life

Keeping You Safe In An Emergency

  • Ever wonder what to do when you hear an emergency message in a building? Please take four minutes to watch the video and find out.

Mass Notification System

Saint Mary’s University is committed to the health and safety of all students, faculty and staff with campus security offering a variety of safety, security and crime prevention initiatives. One of the security measures is a mass notification system that allows faculty, staff and students across campus to be notified on an emergency situation. Controlled from the security desk in the McNally basement, the system can play a dozen pre-recorded messages in individual building or at a series of different locations. The messages can be played both inside and outside of buildings. Please view the video on the right to understand what you should do in the event you hear a mass notification message while on campus.


Emergency (fire alarm)

This is an emergency, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. Take your personal belongings and go to the nearest exit immediately, do not use the elevators. This is an emergency.

Leave Campus

This is an emergency. There is an emergency on campus, leave the grounds immediately. This is an emergency.

Lock Down

This is an emergency lock down. Take shelter in the nearest classroom, office, or residence room. Lock the door. Follow any lock down procedures posted in the room. This is an emergency lock down.

Shelter in Place

This is an emergency shelter in place. Take shelter in the nearest classroom, office, or residence room. Lock the door. Follow any shelter in place procedures posted in the room. This is an emergency shelter in place.

Move Away

This is an emergency. Move away from all buildings. This is an emergency. 

Power Failure

There is a power failure in this building. Please exit the building within 15 minutes. 

Gas Leak

This is an emergency. Stay inside the building. Close all windows and doors due to a possible gas leak. This is an emergency.


May I have your attention please? This is a test. This is not an emergency. This is a test. 

All Clear: 

May I have you attention please? The state of emergency has ended. Please go about your normal routine.


Thank You

Lonnie RatchfordSecurity ManagerSaint Mary's UniversityHalifax, Nova Scotia B3H 3C3(Office) 420-5578Lonnie.Ratchford@SMU.CA



When an incident is reported to Security, an officer on duty will respond or assist you how to file your incident report. The information will be treated as sensitive and after the Manager of Security Services has viewed the report, an officer will be dispatched to complete a follow-up report.

Incidents containing sensitive or confidential matters will be treated as such.


The university has an obligation to ensure the management of alcohol use on campus is consistent with the terms of the Nova Scotia Liquor Control Act and other applicable legislation.

The university is concerned for the safety and well-being of its members. It is the responsibility of all community members to use alcohol responsibly and legally. The University encourages responsible decisions about alcohol use by offering educational programs through D.R.A.F.T. (Drinking Responsibly And Feeling Terrific) Office in the Student Center or through SIPS (Server Intervention Program), provided to staff involved in serving practices. Additional assistance is provided through EAP program, Health Services, Counselling and Student Life Services for members of the University community whose work/academic life is being adversely affected by alcohol-related problems.

The University may intervene when alcohol is used illegally, when it leads to conduct that endangers others, damages property, is disruptive, interferes with others rights and/or safety of the others.

The University policy requires security staffing at all functions held on campus that service alcohol. Occupants to security staff ratio is 50 to 1 unless there are requirements of underage occupants. Special requirements can be discussed with the Manager of University Security Services.

This policy applies to all members of the University Community including students, faculty, staff, visitors, and guests.


No smoking in any building on campus.

No smoking within 10 meters of an building.


The unlawful possession, use, consumption, manufacture, distribution, or dispensation of alcohol or controlled substances on Saint Mary's property, in the work place of any employee of Saint Mary's, or as a part of a Saint Mary's employee or student function or activity is prohibited.

Saint Mary's Security cooperate with local law enforcement agencies to enforce all local, provincial, and federal laws relating to alcohol and illicit drugs.


Bicycle transportation is encouraged at Saint Mary's and bicycle racks are provided to keep them secure. Bicycles must be parked in the stand and locking your bicycle is recommended. Bicycle racks are located at the east side of the Science building, McNally courtyard, Loyola turning circle, as well as outside the Arena and SUB buildings.

Locking bicycles to walkways, ramps, doorways, parking meters, and any location that may create a safety hazard is not permitted and locks can be removed by Facilities Management / Security at the owner's expense.

Cyclists must yield to pedestrians and be prepared to yield at all times. Be aware of hazards. Watch out for uneven road surfaces, or objects in your path. Always wear a helmet and while on roadways drive with the direction of traffic.

Skateboarding is not permitted on campus for personal safety concerns, and property damage concerns. Skateboards and inline skates are not permitted to be used or worn within buildings on campus.


Saint Mary's University Security Services provides access cards to several buildings on campus electronically monitored for access; including the Science Building, Sobey Building, and parts of Loyola Academic.

Written departmental requests for access cards require the appropriate authorizing signature, the doors to be opened, and the times of access required by applicant which are then to be forwarded for approval by Facilities Management. The cards can be issued providing photo identification and signature to the requested person only.

Cards issued to faculty and staff not on a term contract are issued without expiry except in cases of changes of locale or termination of employment.

Cards issued to MBA students, part-time students, returning students, are issued access cards that will de-activate as requested for a maximum term of 9 months. Lost or stolen cards must be reported immediately to Security Services so that they can be deactivated. Replacement cards can be issued with approval form the department head with a charge of $10.00. See facilities management for the online Access Card / Key Request form .

Equipment malfunctions or damage to card readers, electronic locks, etc. should be reported immediately to Security Services at 420-5577 for prompt service or repair. If the access card is not functioning properly, report the problem to Security Services as well.

These cards are the property of St. Mary's University Security Services and to be returned to the Security Control Center in the McNally building, room 016, when your term is complete, on the request of your department head, or on the request of Security.


Most buildings on campus have a one stage emergency alarm sequence. When the audible alarm sounds all occupants must evacuate immediately.

The Sobey Building, Loyola Academic and the residence buildings have a two stage fire alarm sequence. During the first stage a slow pulse alarm is sounded after an audible message. Evacuation is not required during the first stage alarm. During a second stage fire alarm a fast pulse alarm is sounded followed by an audible message to leave the building. All second stage fire alarms require occupants to immediately vacate the premises for safety reasons.

Exit through the nearest doors and remain in the nearest muster area until delegated staff have given the evacuees permission to return to the building.

Other emergencies that may/may not require evacuation are assessed by the University Emergency Response Team. Information will be provided to the occupants in a timely and effective manner with full consideration to personal safety of its occupants.


Saint Mary's University Security is responsible for parking enforcement on campus. Permits are required for on site parking unless using the metered areas. Violations of parking regulations result in parking infraction ticket costing $15.00 - $105.00 depending on the type of violation and time period. Information on ticket information and payment options will appear on the rear of the ticket.

Parking tickets that have been issued in error can be appealed by filling out a Parking Ticket appeal form at the Dispatch Desk in McNally Main within 24 hours. You must attach you ticket to this form, pass it in (within the 24 hrs) to the issuing Officer. The decision to appeal will be made within 3 business days and the response will be sent to the appellant's address provided on the appeal form.

Should you wish to purchase a parking permit contact Facilities Management in MS 001. Facilities Management's regular business hours are between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.


See Facilities Management's Key/Access Card Policy .


a. Student Behaviour

Saint Mary's University, in accepting students, takes it for granted that they are prepared to engage seriously in the pursuit of learning within an ordered academic institutional environment. Rules and regulations which affect student behaviour are intended to ensure that the quality of life of students and of those associated with them in the work of the University is respected and preserved.

The largest measure of responsibility for maintaining standards of conduct rests within the students themselves. The University reserves the right, however, to counsel, admonish, limit the activities of, impose penalties on, or dismiss any student or group of students whose conduct violates normally accepted standards of socially acceptable behaviour or is in conflict with the University's objectives, policies, rules and regulations.

b. Discipline System

The Senate-approved disciplinary system operates under the general responsibility and direction of the Director of Student Services. The Saint Mary's University's Discipline Code was officially passed by the Academic Senate on September 22, 1995. Copies can be requested from the Director of Student Services. Several administrative officers of the University receive complaints, examine the evidence, and make decisions with respect to the disposition of cases. If there are appeals against these decisions, they are heard by the three-person Student Disciplinary Appeal Board. Decisions can involve monetary fines, suspensions, or expulsion from the University.

c. Authority of the President of the University

In addition, the Saint Mary's University Act empowers the President of the University to deal directly with matters relating to student discipline. The President reserves the right to deal with academic and non-academic offences on an ad hoc basis and to determine the appropriate process in each case.

d. Students and parents (or guardians) of students are advised that Saint Mary's University does not agree to accept custody guardianship or responsibility for any student, whether under the age of 19 or otherwise. The University is not responsible for acts or omissions of any student.