Business Connect

Filling Alumni Business Needs

Our Sobey School of Business Development Centre offers programs to help a wide range of businesses, including graduate hiring subsidies and ways to build growth.

If you are an alumni who has started a business and you would like to share your story with us, please email We are happy to celebrate your successes!

If your business needs a beta testing ground or research, talk to us.

Alumni Helping Students: Share your Knowledge

As Alumni, you are in the best position to help our current students with their career development. Each of you brings a unique combination of experience, interest, skills and talents that can make a positive difference in the lives and careers of our students. The Career Connections program is an opportunity for you to share:

  • Knowledge. Share knowledge and expertise of your chosen field, your organization and the steps you have taken to achieve success.
  • Educational Experience. Share your educational experience and the impact it has had on your career path.
  • Networking Skills. Help a student who may be looking to break into your field, explore career options and generate additional networking leads.
  • Job Search Skills. Share career, resume, networking, interview tips…and more!
  • Support. Provide realistic expectations and encouragement.

The Career Connections program is about sharing knowledge. The richness of this shared knowledge paves the way to a successful outcome for students and Alumni. Each connection offers opportunities for alumni to learn about what is happening on campus, and for students to learn about the challenges and rewards of joining the working world after graduation.

We recognize that you are busy business professionals. There are a variety of opportunities in which to participate; networking events, industry panels, lunch & learns informal mentorships and much more!

What better way to give back to your alma mater!

For more information, please contact