Global Focus

International Perspective & Local Character

Embedded in a university with the tagline, “One University. One World. Yours.” it is hardly surprising that internationalisation has been a strategic pillar for the Sobey School of Business. We recognize that the future of business is global, and that one of the most powerful education tools is to experience travel.

Our mission says it all: through active learning and the creation and mobilization of scholarship, we prepare citizens of the world to lead sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses and communities.

“Citizens of the world,” means not only are our students taught responsibility and ethics, but also, students in our programs are strongly encouraged to travel and study. There is financial support available for travel, and Saint Mary’s has partnerships with over 90 universities worldwide.

The Sobey School of Business has an international faculty, featuring world-class researchers and educators from around the globe. As an AACSB-accredited university, we are a member of a global network committed to excellence in business education. We are full members of the European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD).

Global Career Advantage

Over 40% of our student body are international students; both they and our Canadian students recognize the benefit of developing cross-cultural communication skills and a global network of contacts. Our alumni go everywhere, and these relationships are crucially important.

Our career services staff gladly assists students in locating internships, co-operative opportunities and career placements all around the world. As our mission says, they are prepared to lead sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses and communities – and those may be anywhere!

Bachelor of Commerce (Finance) Program in Zhuhai, China

A current international initiative of which we are very proud is a new offering at Beijing Normal University at Zhuhai (BNUZ). Building on a decade-old partnership, the Sobey School is proud to offer a Zhuhai-based “2-and-2” program – students take 2 years of a Bachelor of Commerce (Finance major) from BNUZ faculty and then for their final two years, are instructed by Sobey School faculty. These kind of partnerships are common among universities, but what makes this one special is that the students do not have to travel to Canada to benefit from the Sobey School education. Our faculty will travel there to teach, opening up a Western educational experience from an accredited university to students who may not have the means or inclination to travel. This partnership opens up valuable research and experiential opportunities for our faculty as well.