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Sobey School Dean Patricia Bradshaw. Photo provided by Progress Media.2017: Further Impact with Purpose

Download now: Creating Impact With Purpose (2016 BSIS Report)

As we enter a new calendar year, many in the business community are deeply engaged in business planning and budgeting processes and in reflecting on their accomplishments of the last year.

At the Sobey School of Business we are proud of our Impact with Purpose Report which highlighted our contributions to the region - such as our $329 million annual economic impact on the Province. We are also looking at new ways of advancing our mission of preparing citizens of the world to lead sustainable, entrepreneurial businesses and communities.

In terms of execution and implementation, we continue to be passionate about community engagement and collective action as we believe that through partnership we can all amplify the outcomes of the actions we take. In the spirit of that collaboration we would like you to consider some of the following steps you can take that will allow you to work through this wonderful university to create prosperity for everyone.

Hire students. Co-op work terms, internships, part-time workers, recent graduates. Hire international students and local students. Hire for potential instead of for extensive experience in a specific, narrowly defined skill set. You may be surprised what a young worker can bring to your business – benefits you can’t predict. There are government incentive programs to help businesses afford to hire. If you need help finding an appropriate incentive program, contact the Sobey School Business Development Centre for assistance.

Invest in research. Our faculty and students can help you identify new markets, innovative practices and more efficient ways of working. Our research centres are delving into topics like leadership, sustainability, retailing and services and immigration and aging. Canada regularly receives poor marks for our private investment into R&D. To explore what’s possible, contact our Office of Innovation and Community Engagement  or our Senior Business Outreach Director, Lynn Coveyduck.

Invest in your people. Yes, there is significant research that no one will be staying in one job for 30 years anymore, but in an age that prizes innovation, some turnover isn't a bad thing! Meanwhile, invest in developing your leaders with an executive or regular MBA program, or executive education, and you will see benefits immediately. You may inspire loyalty that will extend the life of that hire with your company – after all, new challenges are often what employees leave to seek.

Visit campus. Come see what’s going on with our Spark Zone social enterprise accelerator and Enactus entrepreneurship projects; our groups like IMPACT and the Venture Grade Capital group that are doing hands-on investment; join me for coffee and meet some of our dynamic faculty members who are actively working with the business community. Contact my office to set up a time.

Please keep in touch with us. We are a reachable partner to business, and we are happy to meet you halfway.


Patricia Bradshaw, PhD
Dean, Sobey School of Business


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