Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation

Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation (MTEI)

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Why this program is for you

The Master of Technology Entrepreneurship & Innovation curriculum takes knowledge and skills from management, marketing, leadership, finance, accounting, communications, economics and information technology and integrates them with best practices from industry to produce sharp, relevant learning. Students will access investors and partners in their quest to become a successful technology entrepreneur and innovator. MTEI is a full-time graduate studies program.

The Benefits

  • Full-time program
  • Enhance your education while you work. Meet in the classroom on alternating Fridays and Saturdays only
  • Accessible resident faculty and industrial mentors
  • Get 3 great program choices. After 8 months of alternating Fri/Sat full-day classes:
    1. INTERNSHIP: Enter or return to industry for an 8-month internship, then graduate.
    2. APPLIED PROJECT: Start or grow your technology business and complete your degree in 12 or 16 months.
    3. THESIS OPTION: Research a select topic at a less-intense pace.

The government of Nova Scotia recently announced immigration streams specifically for entrepreneurs and international graduate entrepreneurs.

Admission Requirements

Undergraduate degree or equivalent combination of training and experience. The applicant must have at least a B average (3.0 GPA) in the last 60 credit hours. Students applying by the deadline will be considered for scholarships. Above average applicants may be considered for acceptance after these dates.

Application Deadlines and Key Dates

  • International Student Deadline
  • Canadian and Permanent Residents Deadline
  • Program Start Date
  • Minimum time to completion