Executive Master of Business Administration


A First-Rate Faculty

At the Sobey School of Business, you’ll learn from some of the finest faculty in management education. Our professors are nationally-renowned researchers and acclaimed thought leaders who have won numerous teaching awards across a broad range of disciplines. You can be assured of relevancy to the workplace as instructors interpret the latest management theory and lead classroom discussions tailored to current workplace issues.

You’ll also learn from industry experts and prominent business leaders who come to Sobey from all across the country to share their expertise and “secrets of success” with EMBA participants.

While Sobey faculty enjoys a distinguished reputation for academic excellence, they also take the time to get to know students as individuals. They are dedicated to helping you get the most out of the program and take a personal interest in your career and professional development. Many become ‘de-facto’ coaches serving as advisors both during and after the program.

For more information on our faculty, including their research interests and courses taught, consult the faculty pages below:

Executive MBA Faculty Team 2016 - 2017

Professor Executive MBA Course
Dr. Colin Dodds
President & Vice-Chancellor Emeritus, Saint Mary’s University
EMBA 6632 International Capital Markets
Dr. Gordon Fullerton EMBA 5513 Strategic Marketing
Dr. Wendy Carroll EMBA 5514 Business Research Methods
David Bateman EMBA 6631 Management Information Systems
Debi Peverill EMBA 5511 Managerial & Financial Accounting
Rosalie Fine EMBA 6633 Policy I- Business Strategy
Dr. Harvey Millar EMBA 5523 Operations Management
Dr. Mark Raymond EMBA 6642 Policy II- Public Policy in Business
Dr. Terry Wagar EMBA 5524 Human Resource Management
Dr. Kevin Kelloway EMBA 5512 Organizational Behaviour
Dr. Mark Raymond EMBA 6641 International Business
Dr. Christine Panasian EMBA 5521 Corporate Finance
Dr. Margaret McKee EMBA 5516 Selected Topics in Business Law, Ethics and Governance

Dr. Terry Wagar

Dr. Ellen Farrell

EMBA 6690 Leadership Challenges (Co-Teach)

Dr. Catherine Loughlin EMBA 5515 Leadership
Dr. Wendy Carroll EMBA Academic Director