Executive Master of Business Administration


The Sobey School of Business Executive MBA is a program for seasoned professionals. As such, we treat each candidate as the accomplished person they are, and consider each applicant’s unique skills and strengths. That said, there are certain guidelines and criteria we specifically consider — the balance of importance of each depends on the individual. For more details on any of the following five criteria, please contact us to speak with Program Manager Kelly Smith.

Your management experience

We will consider the amount and level of experience you have in managing other staff and large projects. Please note that five years of professional experience is the minimum amount for consideration for the Sobey EMBA program.

Your references

Those who have worked with you and have seen you at your best are often the most reliable judges of your potential. We expect two written recommendations from colleagues who can personally attest to your day-to-day value as a leader and professional, one of which must be from a supervisor.

Your previous academic experience

A transcript of your undergraduate and, if applicable, graduate studies is mandatory. We typically expect our applicants to have attained at least a Bachelor’s degree, but will weight other considerations more heavily when the applicant has no undergraduate degree.

A personal interview

We want to not only get a feel for how articulate, personable, and passionate you are, but also how good a fit you are for the program. Expect to visit our offices at the WTCC in Halifax for a one-hour meeting with our Program Manager Kelly Smith.

GMAT Score (based on individual applications)

Generally, we require applicants to write the Graduate Management Admissions Test. Exceptions include, but aren’t limited to, those with a Masters Degree or PhD., engineers, professional accounting designation, and other highly-qualified individuals. Saint Mary's University offers a GMAT Preparation Course to help you prepare. 

Admissions help is always available

Your Program Manager will work with you to ensure that your application is not only complete, but presents you and your qualifications in the best possible light. They will work with you through every step of the application process and will offer a preliminary assessment of your qualifications, suggesting helpful ways to strengthen your resumé and cover letter.

To speak with Program Manager Kelly Smith, call 902-420-5175.