Forensic Sciences Program

The Forensic Sciences Diploma Program at Saint Mary's University is designed to give students a strong grounding in the different science disciplines (e.g., biology, chemistry, and physics) that form the basis of the techniques used in forensic investigations. This science basis is provided through introductory and specialty courses offered from departments in the Faculties of Science and Arts. Students may broaden their knowledge by choosing from a list of complementary courses offered by these same faculties. Experts in forensic techniques expose students to the application of this knowledge.

What is Forensic Science?

Forensic Sciences encompass the methodology and interpretation of data collected in the investigation of deaths, or other events, which could be criminal. In Canada, police forces are regularly involved in forensic investigations, but there are others (e.g., medical personnel, dentists, biologists, criminologists, and anthropologists) who are interested in, or can benefit from, training in forensic sciences.