Refund Policy

Registration and Refund Policy

Registration Policy

To apply for the Intensive English Program, students must pay a $100.00 (non-refundable andnon-transferable application fee) and $500 tuition deposit. Tuition and other fees are due 30days before the start of each semester. Students applying after the 30-day period must pay all fees in full on registration.

Refund Policy

Until the start of any semester, students who notify The Language Centre of their withdrawal in writing will receive a refund of their tuition fees paid, less a one-time $500.00 administration fee with the following exceptions:

1. If a student withdraws because they have been denied a Visa or study permit, Saint Mary’swill refund all fees paid, less the C$100 application fee. A copy of the letter stating the Visadenial mustbe provided to the Language Centre before a refund can be made.

2. If a student withdrawals in writing after the start of a semester, the following tuition refund schedule will apply:

Up to Friday, Week 1 75%

Up to Friday, Week 2 50%

Up to Friday, Week 3 25%

There will be no refunds after Week 4 in any given semester. 

Un-utilized insurance will be returned to the student who withdraws from the program without using the services or making any claims at all, i.e $54 for each month yet to commence.No refund is available for any month that has commenced. 

No refunds available on textbooks.

Refunds will be returned using the same method of payment used to pay the original fees. Cash payments will be refunded by cheque. Wire transfer charges will be deducted from the amount due to the student as stated above. Payments made using CIBC International Student Pay willbe refunded using the original reference code.

Refund Policy: Residence

Application for Residence does not guarantee acceptance. Acceptance is conditional upon available space. If accommodation is not available, the deposit will be refunded. The application fee of C$25.00 is non-refundable. Students will be notified of their status as soon as possible. Once students have received their Residence confirmation from the Language Centre, the Residence deposit is non-refundable.